Average Penis Sizes By Country: A Helpful Guide!

A chart denoting average penis size by country began making the rounds of the blogosphere and naturally we were curious to see how varying nations stack up!

This one, originally produced by 9gag (via Elite Daily), tells us that there's lots of fun to be had in the Congo! (Call your travel agents!) 

Still, we wanted more info, so this chart from The Sun UK (via BuzzFeed) gave us a few more countries to compare:

But what about the source for this info? Is it scientific?

BuzzFeed speculates that the results were taken from this study by Dr. Richard Lynn of Ulster University. That 2012 study has his criticism, some of which can be read here

In the end, discovering truly accurate findings regarding international penis size may require exhaustive and thorough further research around the world! 

Any volunteers, Instincters? And what do you think of the results?


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gay dudes on average tend to have bigger cocks (statistically speaking, though there's no correlation, being gay doesnt make your cock bigger, having a big cock doesn't make you gay)

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for my straight bros, width is more important. anything past 6.5 inches and you're just punching her in the baby door and it's not  fun. why is no one talking abot width?

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if i wasn't asian then i'd get laid more cuz of course, people just assume cuz you're a chink you're not packing my kind of HEAT. >:D it's better that way though. white dudes have enough to feel bad about.

I am 32 of German descent and have a 9 1/2 inch erection. The chart I think is flawed

Asian-American 5"6. I'm an 5.7 with erected good or bad?

I'm 21 years old Indian guy height is 5.8 and penis size is 5.5 is that gud or bad

Lol did you guys ever saw penis of Pakistani guy, lol I remember words of one prostitute. She said... Hey man YOU HAVE BUISNESS STANDARD

what do you mean by this ??? i didnt understand that ... can u plz tell me 

I was born in Southern China(early 1980's), Cantonese descendent(Now live in California).  I am 6' and I have a 6.5 inch.  I know it's not big and nothing to brag about but so far I have never had any complains from ladies of different race.

I am an asian 12 year old with a 5.5 inch dick. Is that normal?

what 12 year old is on this website???

12 year old on this website is still not as bad as the number of women who keep track of their son's dick size when growing up. Women today have major issues that needs to be fixed, they do crazy shit and society takes it as a norm in our skewed society. This kid is normal, he prob had a mother obsessed about his dick since he was younger and kids remember shit like that....there's your answer to why he's on this site.

No you should at least be 12.5 by now, that's way too small.

lol i always used to think it was normal/average to have 8 - 8.5 inches until i became sexually active and i started getting complimented a lot by women in my journey through life .///.   One said that i had "an iguana" in my pants xD.  Though i still think that's kind of an odd thing to say lolz

9 Inches here in Los Angeles, California  U.S.A.

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Ive had my fair share of Filipino men and Yes, they have had the smallest penises. However, some of their performances were outstanding!! So really size didn't matter. White guys and Italians were average 5.5 to 6 any guy at least 50% Irish had about 7 inches. Japanese had about 5.5 except when mixed with other races they had over 6 inches. So.... you never really know lol. Some of the larger men were actually uncomfortable so... Size didn't really matter. Girls if you're worried about small penises and not getting off do your share of work and get on top. Ride it like a champ after he stimulates you. Works everytime :)

So do you just bang all the guys around the world?

I am a Korean American guy, 25 yrs-old, I heard all stereotypical joke about being Asian guy.  Most time it is not true at all, im not shy, nerdy and quiet, Im totally opposite, I slept about 5 white girls and all of them were surprise about my size and performance.  I have 5.5 inches (I think it is 14cm) I don’t have a problem with my size at all.  It is most common misconception about Asian guy.  I have seen Asian guys with 6.5 inches or longer.  But still, avg penis size for Asian guy is still slightly smaller probably (0.25~0.5 inches smaller than avg American guy penis size) 0.25~0.5 inches is not really a big cap, the graph chart research was took two decade ago, their test subject was very limited.  This is not really good scientific research to presenting avg penis size by country. 

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Fuck yes I am a Filipino-American and Got around same as Aussie average and I can pretty much say im a beast to my fellow filipinos and other asians this chart made me dance and cheering and acting a fool :D

Still love south korean males regardless <333

I'm S. Korean. a Guy. And Lovable. Do I meet your criteria

According to Ansell Condoms - an Australian company, South Korea's average is 5 inches.

The 9.6 you see on here were flaccid measurements of kids who were already looking into penile augmentation ... Geez.

Oh yeah everybody on here is not full of crap, infact mine is so big i have to carry it in a wheelbarrow or it hurts my back. Its a real pain at work cause im in demolition and i work with a bunch of koreans and they are always throwing bricks in my wheelbarrow and bruising my hammer.. think i might get a reduction so its only 8 feet wide

Haha how is the global average 5.5 when the majority of the most populated countries (china, japan, etc) are all like 4 inches


I'm from South Korea and mine is 13.5 inches, I think there is something wrong with the data?

That would make your penis 33,75cm which would be bigger of the largest penis in the world which measures 33,5cm when erected. You probably meant to say 13,5cm HAHA

Mine's like 8 feet no joke and im 12 so..

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9 inches frm India,any1 interested

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Only one African country listed...and it's at the top. Thirteen Asian countries listed...and they're at the bottom. Someone has an agenda.

I am from Brazil and I would like to know if the "study" evaluated hard or soft dick?







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I've been to some of those countries and had and a the guys in each. These measurements seem to fall a bit short of what I encountered. Of course,i didn't do as exhaustive a study as would constitute a scientific study.

No wonder N. Koreans are always so pissed off!

Any huge South Africans interested?

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Size does not really matter.  Be happy you can enjoy having a healthy sexual life.  

Finally! Im above average! ! ;)

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The French Canadians raise our average

UK did not make the list because they all top out above 8".  Those boys are very well bred.

As an ex-pat Englishman now living in New Zealand, I would like to point out that the UK (or the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland to be precise) is not one country, it is (currently) four; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Strangely, for a study supposedly undertaken at Ulster University (Ulster is in Northern Ireland), there is no entry for Northern Ireland on the todger chart - did they not measure the locals on their own doorstep then?

By the UK do you mean England, Wales, and Scotland? I might go on holidays to Scotland now.

I dont think the charts are at all off. I've had one hell of a lot of men in my life, and ....this chart ranks about true....I consider Puerto Ricans about equal to Congo, but Congo and Ricans underrated as to size...I suspect average is more like 7.5, with exptremes to above 11".  Germans are about rite. I'm 100% german and come in at 7" (real) but pump to 8 1/2 if I want (I just don't want). I find Americans bounce in at about 5.5 Inches, some bigger, some smaller. American Blacks have no guarantee...too much inbreeding with whites along the way.

What happened to Hungary? Hungarians used to always be at the top of these list, and now they've disappeared.  If this list is accurate, every Korean I met was way above average.  I definitely want to know more about the methodology for these surveys.

Hey guy Robert, knowing the sizes of your Korean guy friends....you're a very international gUy. 

And Colombians I Feel A Bit Left out, 9 Inches Doesn't count? And with a big head.






Well, I'm Colombian and I'll tell you it's big and nice...and all my friends'


let me see the huge colombian uncut cock


.... and the liars start coming out of the woodwork! LOL

Why is Japan 4.3 in the top chart and 5.2 in the bottom chart?

Because bottoms are always bigger. Lol

Im average. In canada 

On the first chart... what is an "ASEAN" average?!?!?!  :) LOL :D :D :D

Association of SouthEast Asian Nations i.e. Se Asia.

Well, gee, golly, gosh!  If this chart is actually true, then I am definitely very blessed!  :P

yer it's true averages are nonsense. I have only ever been with 2 guys smaller than I all the rest have had 8.5"+ and that's why I always have a smile on my face.

Everything is fine here in Brazil! 8.2 inches... thanks mom and dad

i love huge uncut brasilian cocks

i have been to brasil 4 times!

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Where is Somalia??? I have an 12 inch penis and i think a lot of Somali's do.

Give me a call Mr. 12!!! LOL Never knew that about Somalia.

Your Maths is as bad as your English grammar, you've confused inches with centimeters. Somalis have massive foreheads though, very off-putting!

Don't be jealous ;D


Well I feel good about myself. :D

Averages are brought down by the extremely small so they are meaningless. Just in NY there are many above 9". No need to travel.

are these erect sizes

Not for South Koreawas their flaccid measurements of kids who were already looking into penile augmentation, and were undergoing psychological evaluation.

According to Ansell Condoms (Australian Company) South Korea's erect average is 12.7 Centimeters or 5 inches exactly.

mine is 5.3 not erected,7.9(erected).. and im asian... (specifically Filipino)

I would hope so. 

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