Awesome Award! Vancouver Canucks goalie Anders Nilsson named ‘Hetero of the Year’

Who knew winning an award for being a heterosexual can mean so much to the LGBT community?

Vancouver Canucks goalie Anders Nilsson is experiencing the thrill of being a straight man who just happens to be a huge LGBT ally, and a Swedish website has decided to give him the award of "Hetero of the Year" because of it.


Look good, feel good, play good

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The very hunky goalie (who is married with two kids) wears a rainbow flag decal on the back of his goalie mask. He has also advocated for LGBT people in sports.

The award presented to him was given by QX, the leading LGBT site of Sweden. 

"It’s a great honor being awarded Hetero of the year in Sweden," he captioned on his Instagram. "Thank you everyone that has voted on me and think I deserved this award. It’s great to see that the rainbow flag on my goalie helmets has been getting so much attention."

"For me it is really important to be a good role model and show that hockey is for everyone. Especially when it comes to kids and teenagers. Everyone should feel welcomed to play hockey, no matter your sexual orientation, religion or race."

Thanks for your support, Anders!