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"Awkward Kissing" Couple Mark Miller & Ethan Give Relationship Advice...After 5 Months

Ah youth. Young love. You've (We've??) seen it all and you have all the answers. 

Mark Miller and his boyfriend Ethan (of Awkward Gay Kissing Guide fame) have been making their long distance relationship work for a full FIVE months and they want to share their wisdom as to how they're keeping it happy together! 

We know, we know, we laughed too--but everyone has insight to offer! Maybe we'll all learn something!

What do you think of the couple's relationship advice, Instincters?


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This really made my day and made me more optimistic about my long distance relationship.  I shared it with my boyfriend.  Thanks!

Favorite moment: "Sorry...too rough."

"...Never too rough."

Still a long way to go guys... Been with my bf for 7 years now... try interracial, intercultural, transcontinental and long distance relationship! But honestly, I have never found a more committed relationship than this. Long Distance Relationships, force you to invest and work hard for something, doing it makes the whole thing worth while. Never a day would you feel neglected and alone, because you will always put an effort in almost everything... from 1 hour talk in skype with your different time zones, to the planning of the next reunion and stuff... 

5 months? Try 4 years with twice a year visits.... 

4 years?  How about 48 years living together.

This is such a true video! I have been with my partner for 7 months and we are in a long distance relationship (North Georgia to South Florida). Trust is def a huge aspect! At the beginning, I drove myself crazy with the trust issue and then soon realized that he really does love me and that I was causing stress for NO reason. If y'all love each other, it will workout!

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