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Azealia Banks Trolls Zayn Malik Again, This Time On Instagram.

See our update at the bottom of this page.

We applauded when Azealia Banks was removed from the twittersphere.  Can we warm up our clapping hands for her removal from the Instagram universe?

Occassional rapper and fulltime internet troll, Azealia Banks, has reignited the very one-sided feud that got her suspended from Twitter in the first place: being an asshole to Zayn Malik.

Banks, who was thrown off the social media platform back in May, bullied his Middle Eastern descent, tweeting unbelievably racist things about calling him "punjab."

After Twitter cut ties with the 25-year-old New Yorker, Azealia posted a series of Eat Pray Love-esque spirituality vows and apologizes for anyone she "may have offended," and has been keeping a relatively low-profile on Instagram.

Now, the rapper, whose music is greatly influenced by LGBTQ culture, and whose fanbase is probably 90% LGBTQ, and who is queer herself, once AGAIN, made an anti-LGBTQ comment, this time directed at Zayn and his recent GQ photoshoot on Instagram. -

Azealia, delete your account.  Which one?  All of them.  It is clear you cannot adult or human at this time. You do have freedom of speech, if you were here in the United States, but companies like Instagram and Twitter can choose to stop being the conduits of your mental diarrhea.

Azealia's words were most likely an attack on Zayn's masculinity and saying he has or had a vagina, which apparently in Azealia's eyes is a negative thing, great feminism there. 

But then again, does Zayn look like one of the more well known transgender models? I am sooooo not defending Banks and her words, but when I first saw pictures of Laith Ashley De La Cruz, I did think of Zayn Malik.  Yes, De La Cruz is Dominican and Malik is English / Pakistan, but I think the comparison is solid. Thinking they look alike isn't degrading to either party involved, but just an observation.  So if this is what Azealia was thinking, why not say it?  Why does she have to be so awful at social media?  Do we give her a second chance at using adult and responsible words on Instagram or do we just pull the plug?

As for how Zayn should respond? We think he and Laith should do a photo shoot together and say, "what's wrong with looking like a transgender man?"


As I was sitting through Robbie Tyler's Liza number during Ru Paul's Season 8 tour (one of the lulls that made me wish Chi Chi Devayne was there, but couldn't make it back from Canada in time), I received a Facebook friend request from Laith Ashley.  I literally got goose bumps all over.  A) He's beautiful and B) oh crap, he read my blog.  Well of course the answer was yes to both. 

The way I blog is usually just blurt out how I feel and hit send.  Well I had forgotten that I had mentioned Zayn should do a shoot with Laith.  In our FB chat Laith said he would be up for it and would be a great idea.

Thank you for this write-up. It definitely needs to be read by more people so that these silly ideas of what is means to be masculine and feminine aren't constantly perpetuated. As for your idea of a shoot with Zayn and I, I am all for it. I'm a big fan. And I have to read what my fellow LGBTQ folks are writing, it is usually the best, most creative, with the broadest world view. Unlike most of out cishet peers, we are not allowed to live on autopilot, so we are always thinking, always having to be aware. But enough of my preaching lol just wanted to thank you for that. I was feeling pretty shitty after I read all the negative comments about me by Zayn's fans [on Instagram].

So Zayn, Laith is ready.  Are you ?