'The Babadook' Returns To Theaters To Benefit LGBT Groups

The Babadook has proven to be the star of LGBT Pride Month and now the film is returning to theaters for a week with partial proceeds benefiting the LGBT community.

TheWrap's Matt Donnelly reports:

Los Angeles art house Arena Cinelounge will host five days of screenings, with a portion of proceeds going to “LBTQ awareness,” from June 23-27, the boutique theater announced on Sunday.

The theater will also host a panel discussion titled “Babashook: From Monster to Cultural Icon,” and invited fans for Babadook cosplay and karaoke at a local bar.

It's up for debate how and why the gay community embraced the Babadook as a queer icon. TheWrap notes:

In the recesses of social media last year, the gay community adopted the monster as an allegory for coming out (the monster is locked in the family basement to allow traditional family life to continue).

There’s also evidence that Netflix might have mistakenly categorized the movie as an LGBT title, which caused rampant and amazing memes welcoming the character into the queer fold.

Will you be seeing The Babadook in theaters this month?


(H/T: NNNext)