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'The Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis Apologizes For Anti-Gay Comments

The Bachelor star, Juan Pablo Galavis has issued an apology following this homophobic remarks in response to whether or not we should see a gay 'Bachelor' on the hit ABC reality series. 

Galavis writes on Facebook:


I want to apologize to all the people I may have offended because of my comments on having a Gay or Bisexual Bachelor. The comment was taken out of context. If you listen to the entire interview, there's nothing but respect for Gay people and their families. I have many gay friends and one of my closest friends who's like a brother has been a constant in my life especially during the past 5 months. The word pervert was not what I meant to say and I am very sorry about it. Everyone knows English is my second language and my vocabulary is not as broad as it is in Spanish and, because of this, sometimes I use the wrong words to express myself. What I meant to say was that gay people are more affectionate and intense and for a segment of the TV audience this would be too racy to accept. The show is very racy as it is and I don't let my 5 year old daughter watch it. Once again, I'm sorry for how my words were taken. I would never disrespect anyone.


Juan Pablo Galavis.

ABC and the executive producers of The Bachelor released the following statement:

“Juan Pablo’s comments were careless, thoughtless and insensitive, and in no way reflect the views of the network, the show’s producers or studio."

ABC News also reported on Galavis's remarks; check out video below:

What do you think of Juan Pablo's apology, Instincters? Do you buy his excuse? What about ABC's response?


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Personally I don't think that he should be a bachelor on the show because of his derogatory comments in my opinion there should be a gay bachelor and a gay bachelorette for the show because more men and women nowadays are coming out of the closet even actors and athletes 

To late he is an asshole 

He's obviously using language as an excuse. He knew exactly what he was saying. And he's only sorry that it may hit him in the pocket when the ratings go down.

To be forgiven, he has to replace one of the female bachelorettes with a dude- a shot at gay love! Plus, who knows? Ratings booster! They can get some of that gay demographic back, which was practically all the viewers.

Can't unring a bell.

It would make sense if he mixed up "pervert" and "overt".  He even uses the wrong tense..

All I can say is nice back peddeling, and I dont believe a word of it.

Nope, if he has the guts to say something like that, he should also have the guts to take in the criticisms, no way we are going to accept his apology... Besides, his apology is nothing but a rephrasing of what he had said, only less harsh

I can't see how sorry he was via this issue; apparently his English is fine to me, though I'm a Taiwanese. It's true that he shouldn't let his daughter watch the show, cos words that came out from her own father were way too discriminating to deny, and it's a really "bad example", quote from Juan himself.

English is my second language too, and Juan Pablo speaks much better English than me. 

I am sick and tired that many celebrities feel that they can open their mouth offend us and later provide an insincere excuse.

Dident know what you were saying,really if I was that friend that you love like a brother,this brother would be gone,your word was hurtful,and you nerve to stand there and blame it on your English 

If an apology was required, then maybe it should not have been said in the first place.  If language is your excuse, then maybe don't say anything.  Ever!

Laim excuses!!!

Empty thoughts from an empty head behind a phony facade.  good thing he's straight...

Now which version of events to accept from this pervitido?

I don't believe a word he says now !! ~ He's just trying to CYA ( Cover Your Ass ) ~  He ment every word he said the first time, and now, only after preasure from the Network, He says all the things we like to hear !! ~ BS (Bull Sh*t ) ~ The Network should have fired him on the spot and took the loss of revinew for taking the program off the air !! ~ He only talking now, Because he is being forced to, but his true feelings still stand !! ~ Well the Network just lost a viewer !!

Oh I see! Pervert in Spanish is pervertido. I see how he could get the meaning of those two words mixed up! Just like he must've thought loving father means deadbeat dad that doesn't pay child support!

CORRECTION:  Daughter is NOT permitted to watch his show.

I agree with Travis! Additionally the guy is a sleazy male meat promoter who can't keep a gay following and I feel sorry for his daughter, who is permitted to watch his show! Perhaps he should concentrate on being a great father, and start maturing as a person! He has had a close gay friend for 5 months and he is 32? Please, give us a break! Juan to thine own self be true!

It's not that I believe or not his explanation. It's that it doesn't make any sense. How can you use 'pervert' with 'affectionate' - it's even comical to imagine anyone mistaking the two. In Spanish 'pervert' is 'pervertido' - quite similar - I can't see how that word could have 'slipped' - I am open, Juan Carlos, to any explanation - as long as it sounds reasonably plausible. Since English is not your first language, try again...or better yet, say what you really mean in Spanish and let the expert interpreters translate for you. I think that would preclude linguistic confusion.

I will not be watchin this show anymore....people need to think before they speak and if he didn't know what the word meant then don't use it when speaking..duh

English is my second language too! And pervert means the same thing in spanish or english. Asi que deja de insultarnos a los latinos y a los norteamericanos con tus ideas cerradas de un mundo perfecto. (Stop insulting Latin and American communities with your closed ideas on a perfect world.)

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As I said in my tweet after reading about this on USA Today:

Whatever spin-doctor wrote that "apology" for @JuanPaGalavis, they're no Olivia Pope of @ScandalABC.

Too late, nobody cares... Keep trying to backtrack... And change ur views because u want ratings... This gay PERVERT ain't buying ur apology... Try again....

Oh how convenient that you are now a second language or english language learner to attempt to cover your embarassing behavior and comments. It would have been more thoughtful to admit wrongdoing and apologize in a more heartfelt manner. So disappointed in both ABC and your lack of a consciencious effort to correct a grievous error.

Stop bein judgemental, I'm a ts and not offended if he even says worst things than pervert, coz I know myself and if I was, wat does he care, he doesnt put food on my table, he's the one whose got a problem and I can stick my stick shift up his ass, anytime he wants it, PERV, lmao

Save your Spanglish for someone who cares. 

No I don't accept his apology for one minute. He knew what he was saying.

Not one bit, his English is great. Also,  his bio says he is a college graduate, if so, how could he not know the definition and use of the word pervert?

HAH! Don't break your ankles back-pedaling you twatsicle. Thanks for the apology. Now you can kindly take it back and shove it up your ass.

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