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'Bad Johnson' Writer Jeff Tetreault: Screenwriter By Day, Gay Bar Go-Go Boy By Night

Don't judge a book by its cover, guys, because you know what they say about assumptions!


If the release of the Cam Gigandet and Nick Thune penis comedy Bad Johnson proves to be successful one of Hollywood's hottest screenwriters may be...a  West Hollywood go-go boy?!

Yep. New York Magazine's Vulture profiles Jeff Tetreault, a screenwriter by day and a go-go dancer by night, whose film Bad Johnson is set for release on May 2!

It's a colorful piece as evidenced by the intro:

“Sometimes you have a good dick day, and sometimes you have a bad dick day,” says the screenwriter Jeff Tetreault, his full lips curled up in a knowing smirk. “It’s like a good hair day and a bad hair day: Sometimes the blood just settles down there and it’s sweet — it’s an awesome dick day. And sometimes, I’m like, ‘What the hell?’”

On the night that I meet Tetreault — whose first produced movie, Bad Johnson, will be released May 2 — at the West Hollywood gay bar Fubar, he is most definitely having a good dick day. This isn’t the place where you might expect to find a strapping straight guy like Tetreault, but tonight, he’s hard to miss: Standing on a black box in the front of the bar, clad in tight white briefs and a cropped football jersey, Tetreault sways with his arms in the air as young men clutching dollars bills stare up at him. Dark, handsome, and built like a hulk, Tetreault completes his look with an unlikely pair of prescription eyeglasses — which he’ll occasionally, ostensibly, clean by rubbing the lenses on his cotton-clad bulge.

Head over to Vulture for more as Tetreault delves into making it as a writer, dancing for gay men, the coconut oil he rubs on his abs for walks on Sunset Blvd. (Seriously.) 

Bad Johnson opens on May 2. Check out the trailer:



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