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Baltimore Ravens Calls Brother A "Queen" Over Pink Socks, Instagram Followers Outraged

Torrey Smith, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver (and teammate of outspoken LGBT advocate Brendon Ayanbadejo), is in hot water this week thanks to wrath from plenty of his Instagram followers. 

The current-reigning Super Bowl champ shared a picture of his brother wearing pink socks with a floral print. His caption reads, "Look at this queen." 

The remark, common in gay circles, didn't sit well with lots of folks who commented on the post. A sampling includes:

"why does he have to be a Queen just because he have on #pinksocks that just to show how ignorant you are"

"So it's ok if I call my brother a fag, a queen, gay, retarded, etc... As long as it's my brother? Wow@torreysmithwr, I thought u were a better person than that. Be the role model we all thought u were. Kids look up to you, and you're telling them that bullying is ok!"

What do you think, Instincters? Is "queen" in this instance a slur?


Honestly it's how you perceive it. You call me a queen? I say thank you.

So what if he wears pink socks, any one can wear pink. Any way they look good on him.

3 words; Social Justice Overdose. Yes, Torrey Smith is a public figure. Yes, homophobia is wrong, etc etc. No, calling someone a queen is NOT an insult, unless there is malice behind it. It's REALLY obvious that there's no harsh intent behind his use of the word. So can y'all just shut the fuck up and if y'all don't like him or his jokes, simply ignore it because it's clear he's joking and there's no level of obvious wrongness goin' on.

People just love to make mountains over molehills.

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