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Banana Republic Taps Nate Berkus & Fiancé Jeremiah Brent To Star In New Ads

Banana Republic's new ad campaign features a handful of stylish real life couples, but to best reflect the brand's "values of diversity and inclusion," Nate Berkus and fiancé Jeremiah Brent have been tapped as ambassadors. 

The ads (including the above image as well as another of the interior design power pair among photographs of the other couples) are starting to appear in magazines like InStyle and Rolling Stone. In many cases, according to the New York Times, Banana Republic is the only fashion brand presenting a same-sex couple in the entire publication. 

As for Banana Republic's decision to include the high-profile same-sex couple in its new campaign, Global Chief Marketing Officer Catherine Salder explained that "today, people want to connect with brands that understand who they are." 

But it's also about a new generation of shoppers, younger clients who want "a brand 'that reflects me, reflects my style, that gets me" as well as images that "showcase families and relationships as they come today." 

Looking good, Nate and Jeremiah!

(Via New York Times)



I like Nate Berkus, and he and his intended make a cute couple, but is the Nate Berkus fan base the Banana Republic shopper? His line is sold at Target, and while there's nothing wrong with Target, Banana Republic is a bit pricier. If they want younger people to shop at Banana Repunlic because reflect their values, does Nate Berkus have a younger fan base?

Ti me, if it's "Look at us, we're inclusive" then that's pandering.


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