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Is Barcelona On Your Must Visit List?

I've always heard Barcelona, Spain is one of the top gay destinations in Europe.  Maybe it's my lack of having a Spanish tongue that is holding me back from visiting, but after seeing the video below shared by our Instinct friend over at MOOVZ, I'm thinking I may not have a Spanish tongue, but it looks like I could find one when I visit.


A culture capital of Europe, Barcelona is bursting with life, love and boys from all around the world. Spain, the most visited gay tourist destination in Europe, boasts it’s second city as one of the best gay destinations in the world. In this ancient Mediterranean metropolis, gay life is bursting from every corner and centered around L’Eixample – or Gaixample – as much of it’s gay-friendly bars, clubs, shopping, restaurants, venues, hotels and nightlife are concentrated here.
Join Moovz on an amazing gay tour and feel like a gay local in Barcelona, an unmissable gay destination. - MOOVZ






Passport is in my hand and all set to go!

Yes, of course a city has so much more to offer than a gay night life, but knowing that it has a very healthy dose of gay culture and is very accepting, it just helps us put checks in the boxes of  I'm going to feel safe and I'm going to feel welcome.

So Instinct travel buddies, how does Barcelona rate on your list of places to visit?

Is it the top European city for gay travelers to go to or is there another that is number one on your list?


h/t:  MOOVZ



If you get the chance to go to Barcelona is an awesome city. We have gone for the past 3 years and love it. We are going to move there some day. Everyone knows English and menus are in 5 languages. So not an issue at all. Catlaan is the first language then Spanish. Everyone is welcoming and friendly for sure. Hot hot men.

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