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Barilla Pasta Chairman Meets With LGBT Groups In Attempt To End Boycotts

Barilla Pasta chairman Guido Barilla is scrambling to make peace with the LGBT community following his remarks that the company would never use a gay family in its advertising and that if the gay community didn't like it we could go eat something else. (We have.)

The company's chairman made a Hail Mary pass (football reference!!) on Monday, Oct. 7 when he met with Italian LGBT organizations in Bologna, Italy in an effort to improve relations and put a stop to the worldwide boycotts of his product.

Gay Star News writes: 

Barilla met Arcigay, Arcilesbica, Famiglie Arcobaleno, Gaynet and Equality Italia associations at the Regione Emilia-Romagna headquarters, where former Arcigay president and now regional councillor Franco Grillini has his office.

Grillini told Gay Star News: "We spoke about the company’s policies and about the impact on the LGBT community worldwide.

"Mr Barilla apologized once again and told us they are really worried for the boycotting in North America. The news had a big impact in the United States and they went to the US last week to reinforce their presence in that country."

According to Grillini, "we could say Barilla is going to do a pro-gay campaign in the future, but it’s not sure at the moment.

"We have to meet again and to discuss their new ads. They’ll probably do something for our community, they have understood that LGBTs have a strong power.

"And it’s quite surprising: now LGBT people can interfere in brand policies as well."

Grillini concluded: "We are very happy for what Mr Barilla has said today. But we can not say that peace has come. We are still waiting for real pro-gay policies, even though today’s really serious talks are a very good starting point." 

What do you think, Instincters? Will these initial steps make an impact in improving Barilla's image? 

Could financial support of the LGBT community help or has Barilla simply gone too far?

Is the company's chairman capable of changing his views or do his latest efforts simply reflect his concern for Barilla's bottom line?


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The only reason he cares now is because he is losing money. He cares about his lost sales, not about gay people. Just like chick-fil-a, the Barilla anti-gay image is now burned in my consciousness and when I shop I just instinctively avoid it. The brand is tarnished. Really bad marketing.  I've noticed there's less of it on the shelves these days anyway. There is a price to be paid for bigotry. God knows gay people have paid a huge price just for being who they are for decades, centuries now. Pasta is flour and water. This old guy just figured out gay people eat. And there are a lot of us. I think it's time they learn to know how it feels to be unwanted in society. We don't want your friggin bigotted noodles. Get it? You opened your mouth. You told us what you thought of us. And we don't have to buy your noodles. And we won't. And we won't be bought, either. How are those traditional families working out for you?

It all boils down to the bottom line.  Barilla can say all he wants and apologize all he wants, however, while his apologies may seem sincere, the damage has been done.  Thanks to the tremendous response of the LGBT community here in the U.S., Barilla is now feeling the power of the LGBT community.  Not only is the boycott working, but retailers have been supportive of the LGBT position as well, i.e. BJ's Wholesale Club and Shaw's Supermarktr here in the northeast.  Besides the brand name of Barilla,  here are the Brand names that Barilla has around the world.  Barilla group controls Barilla (multinational pasta maker), Mulino Bianco, Pavesi, Voiello, Alixir and Academia Barilla (Italy), Wasabröd (Sweden), Misko (Greece), Filiz (Turkey), Yemina and Vesta (Mexico) trademarks.

I wanna see the 'Lady and the Tramp' scene with two guys, or two womnin. Period. Until then, Bertolli, baciami caro amore, baciami! 

I have several boxes left in my cupboard (made some whole wheat linguine tonight) but when they are gone, it's back to my Ronzoni brand (or whatever else is on sale that isn't Barillo). 

I doubt his sincerity....period. Even if I accepted his apology and bought Barilla products again, his words would always be in the back of my mind.

As long as he puts his money and words  to work and does more than talk. We all make mistakes and should have the opertunity to correct those mistakes.  If our community does not allow people to learn and grow then we do ourselfs damage not them

Forget any $ contributio

ns. Simple solution: Put a gay family in their ads. That will be proff of its sincerity that they want their product in all homes. If not, it dstays out of mine.

As long as Guido is capo, sincerity will definitely be in question. Even if he is out, the positions he stated likely run through the family and the company. This is a stain that takes a lot of work and time to fade.

He's only trying to make peace because his beliefs are hurting sales. This makes me think of the owners of the Hobby Lobby chain, but there are enough uncaring Americans to support them...not so with Barilla. There are excellent alternatives, some even superior to Barilla.

He's over-boiled his noodle on this one. Aldente no more.

too little too late - eff them

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