Barney Frank Doesn't Want Obama To Sign ENDA Order

If President Obama shattered most experts' expectations and announced that he would sign an executive order banning the workplace discrimination of the LGBT community, openly gay former Congressman Barney Frank would be the first to try to stop him. 


"There’s a lot of attack on him for exceeding executive power and doing things by executive order," Frank told Michelangelo Signorile. "And he’s in a major fight over that about to come now, where he’s about to issue an executive order restricting emissions from power plants."

"And there’s even a danger that this right-wing [Supreme] Court would overturn that as too far," he added. "I would say this: push to take back the House from the right-wing, and if that happens, then we should push for it to be legislated, because if it’s legislated, then it’s for everybody. If we don’t take the House back, then before he goes out of office, he should do it. But I would ask him to...I would want him to hold off now and give us a chance to do this legislatively. But that will depend on the next election.”

Do you agree with Frank? Or does the immediate anti-bias action and the ripple of symbolism that would flow from it at the pen of the president matter more than the risk?