Barry Manilow Reflects On His Gay Bathhouse Days

Barry Manilow reflects on his gay bathhouse days with Bette Midler in a new interview. The pair famously performed at The Continental Baths in 1971, with Manilow serving as Midler's accompanist. The performances ultimately launched Midler's career and landed her a spot on The Tonight Show.

From Gay Star News

"Those were just for a couple of weekends. That was it," Manilow said when asked recently about the shows.

"It was just a couple of weekends and people think we were there for years. It was two weekends."...

"It was odd. You’ve got to admit, it was odd," Manilow said.

"She’s performing in front of guys with towels on. (laughs). She would sing The Star Spangled Banner and they would all get up and the towels would drop and she could check out the merchandise."

Sounds like a blast! 

Manilow talks about Midler and the baths around the 12:00 minute mark; watch!

(H/T: Gay Star News