BBC Immigration Report Features Man's Massive Bulge

Oh dear! 

21-year-old Jamie's massive bulge was the breaking news during BBC's report on immigration!

Check out the Vine clip:

Suddenly everyone's deeply invested in the immigration discussion...


(H/T: The Gaily Grind/ Boyculture)


I wish more men would go commando! We'd be in a much happier place with smaller cars and nicer attitudes. 

He really likes holding hands.  

Sorry buddy, but No one beats Jon Hann's commando shots!

Please immigrate here.

First of all if u truly have a limp dick that size u should wear underwear in public. 

Otherwise ur asking for attention so don't be mad when men/women stare at ur cock. 

U know ur doing it when got dressed. 

Celebs have been doing that in America already. Still sluty and makes u trashy in some situations. 

On other side 

I still don't mind looking at it 

That is not a bulge. It's a VPL - Visable Penis Line.
A bulge is when there is a visible portion of tension in clothing at the crotch, caused by the dick and balls.

A VPL is only the outline of the penis through clothing, typically down the leg or across the hip, indicating length, shape, and/or size of the penis; this may include an outline of the head of this penis, but not always.

Can we just stick to talking about really large balls and thick cocks?  
Please? :)

This worthless spic needs his ass raped until he bleeds to death! Maybe this would teach future spics to not enter our country illegally.

wow. you english are fucked up when it comes to immigration issues. all this from a country who has a long history of colonization and psychological damage. guess what, you don't own the world and this language is pretty basic!

Worthless?!  We need more like him.  Send back the Irish.  They got nothing.

Honey you need a hug. You are so full of hate that it is truly sad. 

Ur people came to this country why can't theirs 

plus wishing rape on someone makes u the biggest the lowest scum on earth 

be careful what u wish in others. Karma may decide to pay u a visit 

I can't stop drooling.

The bigger, the better. Size is power.  On all fours for anything longer than 8 and thicker than I can get my hand round.

Admitted but you got to hope he's a grower coz that is a thin one!

Here is a clip from the series he is on:

Hahaha... The comments tho ☺️

Here is a Diagram

undescended testes means that his balls are up where a ovaries are in a women. Both Boys and Girls start out with their gonads in their abdomen once the scrotums is finished developing the Testes are supposed to fall down into the scrotum but some never do and require Sergey

Maybe its a Case of "undescended testes"

hes probs all cock and no balls....

I can't stop looking - not that it's that big or anything, just a bit distracting.  where are his balls though?  there's the outline of the cock but no other bulge at all!

Jees. That's really not so impressive. Going commando in tight jeans at 21 always gave me a semi. Thats all he has. C'mon instinct. If you wish to tittilate us you can come up with better than that.

That's pretty much what I was thinking, too, Dieter.  

Umm...that's massive?

reminds me of the 80's...the tighter the better.....remember "excuse me sir, can I borrow that dine in your pocket?"

There's always one queen that reads the online site of a gay magazine that posts something snarky about an article not being about real issues. Guess what, Mary? If you're looking for real news about real issues, stop clicking on articles about bulges. 

" If you're looking for real news about real issues, stop clicking on articles about bulges. "
HAHAHa loved it, so true :)

Its a big topic right now... and it has my full and undivided attention.

Oh please dude go self hate somewhere else. It sure got my attention.

The only thing that would make this better is if instead of a girlfriend he was holding hands with a hot boyfriend :)

Dick-stracted.  Oops 

The first thing that came to mind is he wearing underwear even boxers I was trying to find lines of the underwear in his jeans

That is Hot

umm... that's not really all that big. :-/

Ya never know....maybe he's a grower not a shower :)

He's just going commando!

Im dealing with real issues all day. Thanks for a little...urm...BIG distraction!!

Next week he'll be in porn!

Damn! It's a Kick Stand! about being desperate for distractions of real issues. HOW Pathetic!! 

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