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Is Being "Gay Famous" Better Than Mainstream?

Is Being "Gay Famous" Better Than Mainstream?

Our The LGBTQ Celebrities The Ones To Beat?

If you're a member of the LGBTQ community, you are well aware we have a unique crew of our favorite celebrities that the heterosexual community are unaware of. From local drag queens to porn stars to Trans activists, we worship these characters and are their meal ticket. You can tell from trending topics on various blogs that not every artist marketed by mainstream media is our go-to for daily social media stalking. It's our special celebrities who have our attention. 

When the LGBTQ community is a devoted fan base, we're unstoppable. Although hard work and dedication is in their roots, we've raised household names like Bette Midler, Kathy Griffin, and Lady GaGa to stardom. In 2017, having a gay fan base is necessary. However, what if you have only a gay fan base? 

I think of gay porn stars, such as Brent Corrigan, who has held his gay fan base high enough to land a film about a period of his life. Artists like Steve Grand who is adored wide by the gay community and can be seen performing at nearly all of the LGBTQ summer events without fail. While these boys, among others, are on a pedestal in our community; they don't receive much mainstream credit. 

Is it a bigger advantage to be famous in your own community, with a steady paycheck, than to be marketed and having your soul sold to become a household name? With the new age YouTube celebrities and social media influencers, niches are beginning to have their own celebrities. The other day, I had a friend fan out upon seeing a beauty Vlogger. I was confused, but then recalled my communities celebrities who I would geek out over. 

Would you prefer to be famous in your own community- for your target audience, than having mainstream success and a gimmick for your fans? 

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