Bel Ami Men Feature In Breathtaking New Photo Book From Rick Day

Photographer Rick Day captures the raw masculinity of Bel Ami's sexiest models in a breathtaking new coffee table book.

Gayletter recently spoke to Rick about the project:

How did you approach incorporating the already established Bel Ami brand and aesthetic into these photos? Did you conscientiously want to elevate their known look or take things in a new direction? What is the difference, if any, between pornographic photos and the ones featured in the book?  What influence does pornography have on your work in general?  I think more than incorporating the Bel Ami brand into these photos I was interested in incorporating my aesthetic into the Bel Ami brand.  Also, I wanted to make the Bel Ami boys a bit more masculine, at least in regards to my own idea of masculinity.  There are many, many photographers that have shot these boys… And I think we each want to capture them in our own unique style. I think everyone has a different idea of what porn is. I don’t find my images pornographic at all.  If one has a problem with the male form nude, I wouldn’t recommend visiting the Sistine Chapel or the Accademia Gallery in Italy. I think there will always be people who are offended at just about anything, or have different ideas of what pornography is. I don’t find tying a dog to a wall and starving it to death as art, however some do. Is this art or cruelty?

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H/T: Gayletter (NSFW)