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Ben Whishaw To Play Freddie Mercury?

From Sacha Baron Cohen to Daniel Radcliffe, there have been quite a few names in the mix to play Queen rocker Freddie Mercury, but if bandmembers have their say it'll be openly gay (and married!) actor Ben Whishaw who brings their bandmate to life on screen!

According to Gay Star News

Speaking on The One Show, Queen drummer Roger Taylor told hosts Chris Evans and Alex Jones they hope the initials of the actor to play the role of Mercury would have the initials "BW."

When asked by Evans if that actor may be Whishaw, Taylor said: "Well, we hope so!"

Whishaw previously played Keith Richards in the Rolling Stones biopic Stoned and Bob Dylan in I'm Not There so he has experience stepping into the shoes of musical legends.

What do you think of the James Bond film-actor taking on the part, Instincters?



i think he would be great for the role.

Dn12 raises a good point. Mr. Mercury was Indian. It would be nice to find an Anglo-Indian actor to play that role.  Too many roles are written specifically for white, handsome, heterosexual men. Here's a great role to showcase and Indian actor who would probably be rejected for almost every other role out there.

However, in lieu of that, I think it could be just as important to at least find an actor who is openly gay to play this role. Freddie Mercury is a great gay icon. It would be nice if just for once someone from the gay community could portray one of our own. Too often a straight or "straight" actor gets cast to play a gay historical figure and the gets lauded with praise for their "bravery" in doing such a role. Couldn't an openly gay actor be considered just as brave to accept a challenging role? 

And before anyone else brings it up: Yes, the part should go to the "best actor."  However, as we all know, that's not how professional movie studios operate. It always go to the most marketable who may not always be the most talented or best choice. 

Freddie Mercury wasn't white, yet almost every name considered for this project has been. Cohen himself is part-Persian, perhaps coming closest to Mercury's own ethnicity. Surely there's other choices.

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