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Benedict Cumberbatch Gives Dramatic Reading Of R. Kelly's 'Black Panties' Album Lyrics

How do you guys feel about Benedict Cumberbatch? The Sherlock star is everywhere these days and the Brit appears to have quite the beguiling effect on the ladies, but we don't hear much about him amongst the gays. (If this is a dialogue we've just happened to miss then, apologies!)  

In the event that the Cumberbatch tickles your pickle, here's Benedict reciting the oh-so-soulful (read: sexual) lyrics of R. Kelly's "Genius" from his upcoming album Black Panties last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Cumberbatch brings the laughs, but does he bring the sexy??


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Also he married a gay couple in Ibiza!

He talks abut it here:

He's playing Alan Turing in The Imitation Game!!! I'm excited for that!

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