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Benham Brothers After HGTV Firing: 'We Love Homosexuals'

Following the axing of their upcoming HGTV house-flipping series Flip It Forward, brothers David and Jason Benham spoke with CNN's Erin Burnett regarding the abrupt end of their series (before it even aired) and their feelings towards HGTV and those that contested their anti-gay activism. 

Apparently they've got nothing but love, y'all. 

See what they had to say!

From The Hollywood Reporter

Asked if he stood by his words, David told Burnett: "Never have I ever spoken against homosexuals as individuals and gone against them. I speak about an agenda ... that is seeking to silence the voices of men and women of faith. That's what all this is about. "We love homosexuals and we love Muslims and we have absolutely nothing against the people," he emphasized.


When asked directly if he would be OK if a homosexual person wanted to marry someone they loved, he replied: "I would not be OK with that type of an action because in the scripture it's very clear that that would not honor God, nor is it good for human flourishing.

"It does not mean that I hate the person at all."


Rather than being angry, "Our heart breaks for HGTV," said Jason, adding that you are not allowed to have the "pro-family view" anymore. "I believe that HG was pushed into this. They were bullied. We felt that HG knew who we were.

We think there are plenty of gays and lesbians that might take issue with what Benham defines as "pro-family."

Still, what do you make of their comments, Instincters?


"The church has remained silent"? When did that happen?

I love them enough to punish them for being who they are.

Aww,w they love me so much they want to make my life less than theirs Whatever will I do to show my appreciation? Perhaps I can slam their heads together and get a nice loud coconut noise.

Do gay people feel different? Abnormal? Freaks of nature? Why me? I can't imagine what it would feel like not to be mainstream.

I would "do" them. Tag team! HOT!!!

They have sex with each other.

Personaly being someone of faith, and being gay, im kinda feeling for theses guys the LGBT community are just being bullies, we all have a living to make these guys were just doing there job, and we all have flaws but to abolish them from HGTV is kinda harsh!!
We are all entilted to our own opinion whether you like it or not . Best of luck to you guys!!!

Thye don't represent the all-inclusiveness atmosphere of HGTV, who also has an opinion and has to make a profit. You can also bet they voted against marriage equality when given a chance, which means their opinion has crossed the line into actual harm, doing everything they can to deny love, security and happiness from a singled-out group of people, including you. Since they're such perfect Christians, I guess God will have to pay their living. It's because of people like them that I can't go on my HUSBAND'S health insurance and cannot get the care I need without paying out ten times as much as a hetero married couple has to, including a large part of my life savings. I don't give a shit what happens to these guys because I'm living a nightmare they helped create.

Really?  These guys want to prevent you from having equal rights under the law and you think we are the bullies?  They are free to their faith, but when they inject their faith into the lives of others who do not share their faith/beliefs, they have crossed the line.  They are the bullies.  

HGTV dumped them for business reasons (negative publicity/sponsors etc) and not because they were bullied by the LGBT community.  

Yea, Jeff. I agree!

The definition of so called "Success" is very subjective. With bad publicity, these twins will not go very far.

All I will say is a word - Co-relative.

I believe there is a bible network these bafoons can put their show on.... Not a network the embraces all walks of life.

With this sort of commenting from you homos no damned wonder they are against what you stand for.

Society does view you as exactly what you are worthless, dirty misfits with no morals.

Kevdobbins, you are the load your mother should have swallowed. the best part of you runs down through her legs in blood form.

No wonder your brain is below mediocre. Whatever hate you utter, it proves gay people again and again, HATE never triumphs. It is like talking to Maleficent. Look what happen to her in the end. You will have the same ending.

Also, I'm NOT Christian so please remove that stupid bible from my face!  If you can prove your so called Gawd's existence, so be it. But I know your X'tian bible was printed in GuangDong. Ain't that holy?

Let us know how fucking your cousins and raising chickens on a farm goes for you.

I am not worthless Jesus died for me and with the moral issue I am human and have flaws and I shower everyday so I am not dirty. So, I'll see you later.

What are you doing trolling a gay site? Another self hating closet case?

Go to fuck and lick pussies you two asshole.

World peace without you two

Those two are freaky, like really freaky #backto1800

A TV show needs sponsors, AD REVENUE, and it's not uncommon for sponsors to not want to advertise on a show that infuriates large numbers of their audience.   Saying that gay marriage is comparable to Fascism/Nazis is ridiculous, ignorant, and insulting on more than one level. The comparisons these churchy "victims" make are not at all logical comparisons. Allowing all citizens of the US to enjoy the rights in the Constitution is not equal to "shoving gay marriage down your throats" as I often hear.  No one can or will tell you that you can no longer marry someone of the opposite sex. But you churchians think it's your business to work hard to limit who loves who. Come on, man, take time to read more with the kids or something.  This idea of "silencing" people of faith is bullscheisse because the bigoted remarks these boys made don't resemble any faith I know of except right wing Muslims and right wing Christians. They weren't "silenced" for simply having a faith, but for spewing bigoted nonsense that would cause sponsors to not want to support the show.  Maybe another network will give them a show and we'll see who the sponsors are.

They are totally boneing each other!!!!!!!!!

Guess it's ok to have sex out of marriage if its your brother.

Im neither for or against....but realise over the decades...humans are so stupid when it comes to compassion and kindess i myself has been there aswell..sometimes i feel religion is someones poor view of the human compasion for kindness and cordialness...whether it be gods,jesus's or a random humans diary of thier bleak view or the world and thier social undeveloped social at the end of the day admit it or messy whether alittle or just an act everyone is capable of gays bi's striaghts dont judge or those who have an option to be openly curious love is an compassion...truest form of love unaccomplished by any human i think is to love your partner for the rest of ones life and not even have sex...if sex is the drives that keeps us alive not just for bringing life onto earth then gay straight bi or the curious should be able to have and marry and live a human life not a peer pressured life...whether it be intimacy to keep the bond of two consenting adults or whether it be bringing life into the world and give it hope for freedom,kindness and cordialness towards things and people we dont understand yet....walk a mile in my shoes and tell me how u feel.......And to love is to teach human kindness and or cordialness not killing or controling others to make yourself feel good amongst your sheep-flock of peers

If oral sex is wrong then most of the worlds population is going to hell if one believes in it and has been back to tell the truth of heaven and hell and not just something one dreams up or read about.....i will belive in god or gods when i see him until then i will enjoy my life and teach kindness and social ecconmic stability in life becos thier are better things to be happy about then heaven or hell and again if u choose to belive in such good to end up somewhere good

Im sure if god and jesus was alive and feel the pain of the minority he woulnt want humans to paint him in thier peer group pressure image.....teaching hate and bullying is not even on his list....why give life to earth when u just want to see them kill each other is not what the heavens have in mind and this is nothing to do with god and who ever humans believe in so god or kind human would want to promote killing or controling of another human being so somewhere along the lines of this bible god,jesus and society got alot to learn what it means to live....the answer is kind and cordialness is our only saviour

the good can do bad things and the bad can do good ur hearts and teach the next generation not to be biast in the world kind and cordial oportunities and options in one not even the all mighty likes to be told how to live so why are we wasting our time energy and youth fighting one another human on what it means to be alive and living or just to be a kind hearted human try to survive in an ecconomical world thats already hard to deal with then other personal point of view like religion or beliefs or having a dream....our problems as humans is that we are constantly trying to fit in when all we need to do in life is be happy with the people around us and try to get along with other humans in a cordial way whether you like them now or later life and death is not the end of a human its human kindness that we all need to learn more so then religion,faith,hope,dreams and making it big in the world to be heard....enough said....humans should stop fighting each other and just be peacemakers and take care of the earth then arguing and waisting thier precious time on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!regardless what gender or sexuality you originate from If your kind your kind if your bad you can learn to be kind to other humans and other life forms

[sorry guys about this rant but as humans we dont see the bigger picture just be kind or cordial and take care of the earth..that is heaven or utopia or paradise right is that simple to live] and yet we fight and argue amongst each other all 7. something billion of us no ones perfect and im sure to think niether is your maker,gods,jesuses,santa,easter bunny,or any unforeseen beliefs characters youve heard of over whispers of something or someone great over the years in the wind

the one thing no one wants to see in life at the end of the day is humans fighting and arguing unless its only got to do with heartbreaks and first loves and crushes and who says the first i love yous and mooshy stuff like that......marraige is just a lifetime commitment between two consenting dont have to proove it to the world thats exhausting....and thier are more then one ways to creat life ask your scientist does religion is the only creator of life form or bodily functions do whether it be gay straight or bi....hope u humans make peace and live equaly legaly and socialy in the near future when we one day get cars that can fly without wheels and the earth is still livable space for all humans

it is as if you read my mind.II honestly think I have never agreed with somebodyas much as I agree with you.navigate just get the rest of the world to read that.

They say its an agenda, that the gays are bullying them... However,  what about the way gays have been treated in the name of faith?   People of faith can no longer speak derogatorily about others and expect that subculture to stand idly by.  These men had a great opportunity to spread a good message in regards to family, working hard, and being respectful to others.  They blew it!

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They say its an agenda, that the gays are bullying them... However,  what about the way gays have been treated in the name of faith?   People of faith can no longer speak derogatorily about others and expect that subculture to stand idly by.  These men had a great opportunity to spread a good message in regards to family, working hard, and being respectful to others.  They blew it!


I see two guys despirate to get out of a sticky situation but it's a little too late. 

It's amazing how people change their tune once they find out they f***ed up.

Not sure I agree with HGTV's decision to dump the show.  Granted, I am not privy to everything that went into their decision either.  I completely support everyone's right to voice their opinions and reporting of the facts.  Let the people decide the fate of the show with watching it or not.  Just because someone has a different belief than I does not mean they should be silenced.  We have two ears and one we can hear twice as much!  We all know how the channel change button works, as Duck Dynasty.

Ok I would like to know how can these guys say that HGTV was being bullied and that we live in a society where you go against the majority and its an issue when gay people don't stand around telling people that religion is bad or that their going to hell for sin, the reason is because in the end Gay is synonymous with happy and thats just all we are trying to be so if your not on the lets just life happy and be nice bus then shut the hell up and let me deal with my decisions when the time comes , gay people don't go around critiquing what family values are right or wrong or what divorce does to the sanctity or marriage or anything , we just would like to live and let live. As for HGTV yes absolutely they did the right thing , racism , hate , bigotry and ignorance should not be tolerated. If you choose to enter the entertainment industry then learn to either bite your tongue or be part of the solution not the problem 

They are allowed to dislike whom ever they wish. But HGTV doesn't have allow them to have a show on their network. Just like if you went to Chic-fil-a and the cashier informed you that she loves giving blow jobs to her husband. The cashier is certainly entitled to her opinion/lifestyle but, the store doesn't have to allow her to keep her job. Same situation. Different set of circumstances. No one's right to free speech is being trampled on...they aren't going to jail for their opinions. Opinions, like actions, will have consequences. 

Regarding the Benham brothers: it appears to me that they are attempting to state a case where they can still be "friends" with homosexuals, while at the same time condemning them.   This is a level of hypocrisy that is usually only seen at the media level.   This is the same kind of thing that the CEO of Barilla Pasta, Dan Cathy of Chick-Fil-A, and Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game) tried to do when they were exposed as homophobes.   The Gay Community decided not to use their products and advance their wealth.   This prevents those dollars from going into the anti-gay movement's pockets.

The Benham brothers made the decision a long time ago that they were not gay-friendly.   Their subsequent message after taking this stand is an attempt to meliorate this stand to APPEAR more gay-friendly so that they can make money.


I am homosexual and i agree if we would be more tolerant maybe thing would be better the old saying is the squeaky wheel get the oil and in todays world people in there own race, sexuality, and religion i really feel if everyone one would worry  more about what there doing people would be happier. and people need to get over themselves and it would be a better country.

Intolerant of what?  Intolerant of being oppressed?  Intolerant of being treated as 2nd class citizens?  Intolerant of religious vitriol?  Intolerant of being forced to live our lives based on your religious views?

If you care even the least about ridding the world of bullying and intolerance, start with the man in the mirror.

Yours is the best comment I've read by far!  The religious right believe that using terms like bullying and intolerance in their defense right after they act out their own intolerance is such hypocrisy.  I don't know of anyone I grew up with being bullied for being religious.  On the contrary I have been bullied and seen other people bullied by religious people and people of faith, but I don't think they even really understand their own God.  Luke 6:37 Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (NIV, John 13:34-35) - 

Instead of hating others for being different... Maybe those "so called Christians should re-read  this below.. Before you damn someone to hell, spend your money and efforts to try and destroy others for loving differently .

And one of the scribes came and heard them arguing, and recognizing that He had answered them well, asked Him, "What commandment is the foremost of all?" Jesus answered, "The foremost is, 'Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God is one Lord; and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.' "The second is this, 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no other commandment greater than these." (NAS, Mark 12:28-31)

Jesus didn’t just tolerate this gay centurion. He said he was an example of faith — someone we all should strive to be like.

Discussion: Matthew 19:10-12

This story is recorded in Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10. In Matthew, we are told that the centurion came to Jesus to plead for the healing of his servant... 

Then, just so the good, God-fearing people wouldn’t miss his point, Jesus speaks again in verse 11: “I tell you, many will come from the east and the west [i.e., beyond the borders of Israel] to find a seat in the kingdom of heaven, while the heirs [i.e., those considered likely to inherit heaven] will be thrown into outer darkness.” By this statement Jesus affirmed that many others like this gay centurion — those who come from beyond the assumed boundaries of God’s grace — are going to be admitted to the kingdom of heaven. And he also warned that many who think themselves the most likely to be admitted will be left out.

So much for family values and yes... its time to look in the mirror!

Mike shut the fuck up. You don't know what the whole argument is about. Educate yourself idiot

Demanding the same rights you enjoy is not intolerance or bullying.  Get your act together and facts correct.  Christians screaming persecution when others demand the same rights you enjoy and take for granted only make you look ignorant and uninformed.  

How would you feel if someone was trying to tell you how to live your life?   How would you feel if someone wanted to condemn you to living alone without the person that you love?   What if that same person told you that you were too immoral to have children, work in the same place as "nice" people, and even deserved to be imprisoned (like Orson Scott Card says) would that make you upset, when you know that you are indeed a good person?

By the way, Mike, a "sweeping generalization" that covers an entire group is ALWAYS a bad idea.   In every segment of society there are variants, and there is NEVER a case where the entire group has the same personality traits.   I am fairly certain that "most" homosexuals are more tolerant than the average person because they have lived with prejudice most of their lives and know how it feels.

Since when don't Gay's have FAITH?!  I am so tired when people like these brother's, backtrack what they have said and state, "we love homosexuals."  They say this only, because the Bible states you have to LOVE.  "It is the act we don't like, allow or tolerate."  Why do they even have to open their mouths?

These guys must not understand what love is. 

Jesus said nothing about "homosexuals" because the concept did not exist in his time.  Everyone in Biblical times engaged in homosexual sex on occasion, sometimes socially, sometimes religiously, especially the young.  Jesus might have been referring to LGBT people when he said that some people make themselves "eunuchs" for the kingdom of heaven, which the Roman Catholic Church has used to justify not allowing priests to marry, but the very concept goes against any argument that "God" wanted people to marry and have children.  Clearly, Jesus did not believe that.  I honestly believe that Jesus would say that what we call today "gay people" are the "Samaritans" of his time.  The Samaritans were hated by the Hebrews (for various reasons), yet Jesus went out of his way to say that those you hate the most, you should love.

Im sorry to bust your bubble on the Jesus said nothing about homosexuals.  I and my father are one, jesus said, GOD SAID THAT HOMOSEXUALITY is an abomination.  He destroyed S & G because they lived that lifestyle and more.  

It is not biblical to say that homosexuality was the reason why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were definitely not exclusive in terms of the sins in which they indulged. Besides it was a story is about violent gang rape of two angles and not about two men loving each other.

Ezekiel 16:49-50 declares, "Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me..."

...Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion."

This rape attempt has nothing to do with loving, consenting homosexual love and was clearly not the reason for God's destruction of Sodom.

Homosexuality can not be called one of the sins of Sodom, Gomorrah or Gilbeah since it is not in any of the lists of their sins given in the O.T. Ezekiel 16:48-50 lists the specific sins of Sodom as pride, plenty, laziness, uncaring for needy, haughty and worshipping idols - which was an abomination - not homosexuality.

Some try and see in the word "abomination", a false reference to homosexual activity. This word translated abomination is to'ebah in Hebrew and is frequently found in the Old Testament. If one reads it in context every where it appears it is always connected with idolatry - never homosexuality. Just a few examples are in Deut 7:25- 26 where it is the idol used in false worship, Proverbs 21:27 having to do with broader false worship etc. The people of Sodom were involved in idolatry.

"Everyone in Biblical times engaged in homosexual sex on occasion, sometimes socially, sometimes religiously..."

And you are an expert on biblical times were there? you read a liberal interpretation of the bible? you made it up?

Actually Jason, he is absolutely correct.   There were several cults with a huge following, in Biblical times, where part of the "sacrement" was homosexual activity.   Where the non-Christian Romans were concerned, gay activity was a part of the day.   This activity was meaningless to the majority of the pagan population, beyond making a "sacrifice."

Nothing resembling modern homosexual activity existed back then in ordinary society.   In the Middle Ages this changed.   Relationships began forming that had real significance.   Apprenticeships, and "mentoring" could include a sexual element, but there were "rules."   The young partner was not to be the active partner, and the sexual relationship was not to last after the end of the apprenticeship; this was severely frowned upon.   There are many books and references out there on this subject.

It seems you don't know much about 2000 year-old Eurasia.  It's been revealed through ancient art and scriptures that homosexual behavior was seen as natural all across Rome, Egypt, the middle east, even in China.  The old Buddhist teachings involve some dogma based around enlightenment through the relationships between men, strengthened through gay sex.

Nowadays, straight men don't go out looking for male fuck-buddies like they used to, so since the only people having gay sex are almost exclusively the gays, they're the ones who receive the brunt of preaching about how "man shall not lie with another man".

But who am I to tell you, when you could be researching this like an intelligent human being.

Well, consider this unintelligent highly-educated fool enlightened by your tangential, irrelevance...

So I guess I can't really navigate this page.

But you're all fucking welcome for getting to witness someone offer a line of logic that helps validate something that's already true.



"Agenda" is those damn homosexuals wanting equality and not being subjected to their version of religion telling us we have to be second class citizens.  We "love" homosexuals as long as they unequal to us.   There must be blond roots under those blond highlights.  What hypocritical idiots.  

It's very obvious they're talking about the agenda of the special interest groups, such as Right Wing Watch, that seek to take anything 'pro-family' out of mainstream entertainment, while they continue to peddle sex, drugs, polygamy, and infanticide...nothing wrong with that, right? Try not to bend things to paint anyone who thinks differently than you a bigot. You're only confusing yourself.

No, Jason.  Obviously it is you are confused and have bought into the propaganda of the far right Christian Taliban.  Guess what  - gays have families too.  We were raised and families and we grow up to have our own families.  We are Pro-Family as well.  But our version of family is not about hate, exclusion, intolerance, un-equality.  The right winged Christians do not even understand what a TRUE Christian is. 

Now Christians are murdering people out of hate like the Taliban? No, actually, the only ones murdering humans other than terrorist groups are hateful liberals who murder millions of innocent babies annually. That won't stop you from drawing some pretty lengthy and unreasonable conclusions, though. Pro-family in their eyes means not killing babies and advocating for the human race via procreative unions.

I wonder how many unborn babies you "Christians" would abort if you knew they were gay?  You want to be pro-life - here is what you can do as a christian which your movement hasn't been doing:

 - Support access to birth control

 - Support Sex Education

 - Pro-life doesn't stop at birth - you need to support better education for poor and minority communities, better access to affordable health care, food assistance, equality of laws, fair wages.  

 - Anti death penalty

Your responsibility as a "supposed" Pro-lifer doesn't stop at birth.  Yet your movement doesn't work with or support any policies that would support those children and families once they are born.  Maybe if you spent your time on the above instead of trolling gay websites, you would be making better use of your time in supporting Life.

well said Jeff Henderson!

NIce post Mr. Henderson.

They kept going on about this "agenda" gays have. What exactly IS the agenda? And they say we hate the agenda but love homosexuals. Liars.

It's not an agenda that gays have, it's the agenda that these poor misguided special interest groups such as "Right Wing Watch" are trying to employ to remove Christian views from the world while their hateful liberalism stands strong. I guess all it takes is to call the opposition a 'bigot' and run with it. No way could it be the individuals so intolerant of religion and trying to squelch freedom of speech and religion, no, they're not at ALL bigots.

Actually, the agenda is from the Right Winged Christian who think their religion should influence secular laws of the nations, and that these laws should allow unequal treatment of the LBGT community.  There is no discrimination against Christians.  But Christians who think that their beliefs trump our rights of equality and equal treatment and recognition under the law deserved to be called out.  

Exactly correct.   1 Peter Chapter 2 does the heavy lifting.    It states what the relationship between Christians and the general society, and the law, is supposed to be.    It says NOTHING about changing the laws to suit Christians.   If that was acceptable, it would have been included, and repeated throughout scripture.    When Christians become hyper-critical, and assertive, they LOSE the ability to preach and teach the Gospel, because they have already alienated their audience.

Because forcing Christians to pay for killing babies is an allowable use of secular law, but allowing them to have a voice against this is not? A little flawed logic there, Jeffrey.

No flaw in my logic.  There is a difference between having a point of view and believing and working towards only your point of view being legal.  You don't believe in abortion?  Don't have one, and support sex education (proven to reduce unintended pregnancies).  Don't believe in gay marriage, don't marry a gay person.  It is as easy as that.  It is called mutual respect.  I'm not going to work to screw up your life and your marriage or demand that the law discriminate against you, I expect the same respect from you.  

"There is a difference between having a point of view and believing and working towards only your point of view being legal."

Pot calling the kettle black. Tunnel vision over there?

LOL Jason - give me an example where I am working to legislate away the rights of "Christians"?  Not allowing Christians to discriminate against LGBTs isn't taking away rights from Christians. How does allowing gays equality infringe on your rights?  It doesn't.  You are still free to hate us, you are still free to talk bad about us.  

Allowing gays to be discriminate against does effect our rights.  You have no clue. 

You're so right, Jeff!   There are denominations in Christianity that seem fixated on certain "sins," which just so happen to be the ones related to people's private parts and private lives. (The most interesting for gossip and those whose minds are in the gutter anyway.)  The only gay "agenda" is that the rights of the US Constitution apply to all, specifically the right to enjoy liberty of association and expression without having some fanatical group make it their life goal to vote away their rights because they don't approve of them.  Do we hear them often say "ALL the greedy businessmen in America can't know God because they covet everything they see and they bear false witness wherever they go."  No, those guys are acceptable because they are straight and recite the correct script to make a show of their religion.  They also talk in extreme hyperboles.  Allowing gay people to exist and choose their own mate (i.e, family) they call "shoving the gay agenda down our throats."  NO, shoving it down your throats would be if they tell you that you can only marry the same sex.  Another issue Jason brought up was about "pro-family".  Man, do you think there aren't gay people in families?  Should they be ostracized, thrown out of the house, treated with disgust and cold distance?  Is that what you call your "faith" and a pro-family stance? It's often the case that a gay son or daughter is the one who takes care of the elderly 

parent, visits grandma more often, sends cards and gifts to their nieces, nephews, cousins, etc., Unless they've been excommunicated from the family, so to speak.  Gay people know when their family respects them & loves them or loathes them; we learn that very early on.  Last not least, not all Christians have such fixation of these "sins of the flesh".  I even know Christians who love God, but don't believe everything in the Bible came straight from God. men wrote it, and Emperors picked and chose with letters to include/exclude.  But my guess is that Jason is of the type that thinks if you don't take the selected parts of the Bible that his church focuses on as literal and straight from God, and not perhaps a twisting of words. Like, why would there be no mention of child molestation, which is a horrendous problem unlike Tony and Joe fell in love and live together as a family, committing no crimes, hurting none of their neighbors; but the thought that God is infuriated by Tony and Joe, but said nothing in the Bible against selling your daughters into slavery or about rape. Many of these churchian people scare the shit out of kids unnecessarily, don't want them to learn science or objective views on anything.  They don't seem to get it that they really don't speak for God, and their imaginary victimhood they play up every time someone comes along and says, hey I don't agree with you. i don't believe that.  They think the person has directly insulted God and Jesus, Lord and Taylor for challenging them.  Ah it's all crazy and the holier they act the sicker they are.

Sorry I didn't proofread enough and things got deleted, but I think I said enough even with jumps. I can't go back and edit I don't think.

No one is "forcing" Christians to pay for abortions. Also that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. These brothers preach hatred and intolerance and make it clear again and AGAIN that we have an agenda but never say what it is. I'm sick and tired of these Christians telling me I'm sick and evil and will burn in hell. These brothers don't deserve to be on TV.

The real haters here are you poor commenters above. Talking about people "burning in hell for their hate" when they say just the opposite, and how they need to change their comments from 'I love homosexuals' to 'I love gay guys'. What is the difference? You people are more judgmental than anything these two guys ever had to say. Look in the mirror.

Shut up! You're an ass!

Either you and I enjoy a little sarcasm or you just proved my point...

He lost his temper but actually he is very right.

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I didn't see the video. Because the replies I read alone were enough to take me back to a church sermon I heard years ago where the minister said that God can love a homosexual. BUT the condition for the love was so the homosexual can repent...from being homosexual.

THIS is why while I do believe in God, I have distance myself from church. And not God AND church like many homosexuals do when they come out. So he is right on how gay media does attack people of faith. However, that doesn't change the instability of his "love the sinner, hate the sin" statement. So I REFUSE to let these hypocritical, hate-mongering "heterosexuals" (often with their internalized homophobia) keep God all to themselves.

We as Christians can love friends, family, neighbors, and strangers and not agree with their ideas, beliefs, or lifestyle. But, can Christians be accepted and loved?  No.  Jesus said we would be hated because he was hated. Hmmm...

I guess the problem is that right winged Christians have forgotten how to show love.  

They are making up hate as they go along.  Handy thing about an ancient book is that you can pick out all the hate you want, while you completely ignore all the ancient laws that you may not like (killing your spouse for straying, glory of slave-holding, condemnation for eating shrimp, condemnation for wearing the color red, condemnation for mixing fabrics, condemnation for not sporting facial hair, specific rules for dashing babies on the rocks, etc.). . .  and you can just be the biggest 'ol hateful bigot that you want to be.

This unfortunate trend will continue until genuine people of faith get serious about loving their neighbor as themselves and say, "no more" to the distortion of their faith by some.  (Was pleased to see this happen recently when many Christians criticized Sarah Palin for her reckless statements about torture.)

And please stop spouting the drivel of "love the sinner, hate the sin" when you are doing all you can to spread sin and hatred yourselves!

You can love the sinner....but hate the sin.....Just as much as you love your children but you don't like what they do.....

Right. . . I may love these twins as human beings but hate all of their bigotry and intolerance as it disgusts me to the depth of my soul.

Bunk! "Agenda..."  Here we go again, another case of "love the sinner, hate the sin" scenario. They have a right to their faith, but their 2 dimensional view won't cut it. They try to make it sound like their are critical of the church, but it's a smoke screen. These guys need to learn to separate a legal issue with their religion, it's that simple. They won't, but it won't matter, they are toast.

The definition of douche.

I am so tired of hearing the Christians are being persecuted. Their brand of faux-Christianity is anything but Christian. The freedom of speech guarantee in this country allows them to stand up and say whatever the hell they want. It does not, however, guarantee them there will be no repercussions. If it allows them to sleep at night by calling it persecution, I wish them sweet dreams in their martyrdom. But, if what they were saying was truly Christian, they wouldn't be shot down at all.

God does not hate it's his followers that I have a problem with they are a bunch of anti hate groups and they will all burn in hell for their hate

Look in the mirror before thinking it's YOU that gets to be the one to pass judgment.

Haters in disguised. They LOVE homosexuals? I would like to hear them say, "I LOVE GAY guys."

Incredible that anyone with a difference of opinion regarding anything involving the evolving homosexual agenda is labeled a "hater."  These brothers will be successful no matter how hard their adversaries try to block them.

Maybe it's time for the homosexual community to start being held accountable for the extensive criminal problems in Hollywood with young (often underage)  aspiring actors/actresses being forced (by producers and other power players in the entertainment business), into behaviors against their will through the use of drugs and alcohol at the hands of these pedophiles and other sexual deviants.

Please re-read what you wrote and realize how utterly fuckin stupid you sound.  

Maybe it's time for the anti-gay community to start being held accountable for the extensive crimes against humanity in general such as the barbarian laws in Russia, Uganda, Nigeria and Middle Eastern countries that have either legalized or enabled rape, torture, beating, terroristic attacks, impriosment, silencing, and murder of LGBT human beings inlcuding children and teens. Those same laws are cheered and called for by the mentally diseased anti-gay groups supporting this bigots to be legalized in America - laws that in fact violate every single constitutional law. Then there is 4yo Zachary Dutro, killed by his anti-gay mother and her boyfriend because she thought her 4yo was gay. Then there is the man in Florida who set the house of his neighbors on fire because they are lesbians couple raising 8 children. Then there was all of the anti-gay attacks in NY in the last 2years in which one of them led to the murder of Mark Carson because he is gay. Then there is the terrorist in Seattle who tried to kill 750 people by setting a gay nightclub on fire on this past New Years Eve. Then there are the 14men in Nigeria whose homes were raided by a mob of anti-gay barbairans who stripped those men of their clothes, tied ropes around their wastes like they were animals, forced them to march through the streets naked, beat them, then handed them over to the cops who continued to beat them before they were thrown in jail to stand trial for being gay. The same thing is happening in Uganda where family members - parents - are required by law to turn their gay children or siblings over to the police or be imprisoned for 5-7 years for harboring a homosexual. Then there is the fact that their are thousands of LGBT kids living on the streets because their parents (enabled by the very anti-gay statements said by those twin bigots) kicked them out of the house because they were gay or they ran away from home because feared for their lives in their anti-gay hostile home and community. Those children and teens then turn themselves over to drug dealing, stealing, and prostitution just to earn enough for a scrap of food and maybe a motel/hotel bed to sleep in for one night or back to sleeping on the streets and dining at a garbage can filled with insects. Then there are the LGBT people who have been fired or refused a job; not because of their beliefs but simply because they are LGBT, put a picture of themselves with the person they are dating or their themselves with their husband/wife and children, or after listen to their hetero co-worker talking about his or her date with so and so had the  "nerve" to share the same. This list goes on and on of all of the violence enabled by your mentally diseased side's rhetoric.

Oh and your side is guilty of doing to us what was done to these twin bigots to TV shows that have LGBT story lines and characters - harassing, bullying, and threatening companies who advertise during these shows demanding they pull their ads so the show can't afford to be on the air actually causing harm to the livlihoods of the people who work on these shows which include LGBT and straight people who do the lighting, set design and some of them have kids to feed. Then your side  demanding JC Penny fire Ellen Degeneres as their spokes model, not because of her beliefs or offensive statements she has made, but simply because she is a lesbian. Also your side has pushed intimidation campaigns with harassing and threatening phone calls, petitions, and emails towards Starbucks, Macy's, Target, JC Penny, J. Crew. Gap Inc. Nabisco, Amazon, General Mills (where one of you "accidently" set fire to their headquarters lawn when creating a protest video for YouTube), Disney, Home Depot and many many more not because of discrimination or refusal of service but simply because those companies support and respect their LGBT employees and customers and their rights and because they create marketing to attract potential LGBT customers as well as their straight family and firends who support them. Oh but see I'm forgetting that your fascist side is allowed to do all of that but we are not. Your side is allowed to do and say whatever you want to and about whomever you want, however you want whenever you want, wherever you want and face no consequences but we are not supposed to do the same to you. We must and will keep your shackles on our ankles and your goose stepping, blood covered boots on our throats and STFU just to make sure you anti-gay heteros maintain you inhuman, uncivilized, grotesque superiority and control complexes and status as end all be all rules of their entire world who allow us to live in it as long as we stay in line with what you approve and allow all while expecting us to pay taxes and pay for this and pay for that. NOT ANYMORE!

As for the pedophile trash. You mentally diseased anti-gay barbarians need to be held accountable for the extensive criminal problems in Hollywood with young (often underage)  aspiring actors/actresses being forced (by producers and other power players in the entertainment business), into behaviors against their will through the use of drugs and alcohol at the hands of these pedophiles and other sexual deviants. The LGBT community has as much to do with that as Heteros do. So cut the fucking Nazi inspired demonizing shit to attack us. There is NO so called "homosexual agenda", you ignorant POS, but there is an anti-gay one evidence by the pushing, cheereing, supporting, and calling for actual laws that like already stated has legalized and/or enabled rape, torture, beating, terroristic attacks, imprisonment, silencing, and murder of innocent LGBT human beings including children and teens just for living honestly and openly. 

Sean.... you are the man! Very well said. It really is as simple as "One planet, One people". No matter your beliefs. ... Just respect your neighbors. It is not anyone's place to force someone into their beliefs. ... Wouldn't that be faith rape!? ;)

Maybe you Christians should clean your own house first, as the saying goes, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"

You're an ass and your lunatic rantings about Hollywood only make you sound like more of an ass!

Easy on the name calling, insensitive Arnie.

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