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Benham Brothers On Satan's Demonic Agenda For The Gays...And Michael Sam?

Brothers David and Jason Benham sat down with Glenn Beck and as we're sure you can imagine the conversation was extremely offensive, but all in the name of love, of course. 

The Benhams are quick to qualify that they don't hate gay people--it's not even about gay people. It's just about Satan's demonic agenda that he pushes through gay people. Got all that?

Transcribed by Joe. My. God. :

"There is a small minority of people in this world, heterosexual and homosexual, that buy into the idea of this agenda that wants to silence people," he said. David added that, as Christians, they are "called to restrain evil so that good may flourish" and that is the role they are trying to play in America by taking a stand against the "demonic agenda to suppress the truth."

Homosexuals are the devil's vessel. Feeling the love?

The brothers didn't stop there. They also explained how their heart breaks for Michael Sam--because clearly he's doing just terribly right now.

Skip to 6:25 to hear their pearls of wisdom on the newly minted St. Louis Ram:

David says: 

“Michael Sam is  a talented football player and for that, he should be playing in the NFL. But his sexual expressions and the propagation of them are not healthy for him as a young man. Both heterosexual and homosexual expressions outside the context of traditional, historic marriage between a man and a woman are not healthy for us as individuals, or for us as a nation…”

To which Jason adds:

“The reason why I feel for Michael Sam is the same agenda that pushed us out of the limelight is elevating him to the limelight – a seventh-rounder with so many endorsements. You can see what’s happening here and the minute that he decides to go against that, he’s going to be crushed. But we’ll be here to give him some encouragement and help him along the way."

Well, thank God, Michael Sam has you guys. We're sure he'll sleep easier now knowing that. 


(H/T: Joe.My.God./Towleroad)


That's an awful lot of GAY for one family isn't it? 

As far as I am concerned, I hope that one day we can live in a society free from hatred against one another.  If you cannot learn to live with what choice of lifestyle a person may want for themself, then you need to understand that we are here, we are queer, and no one, not even these brothers say will hurt us.  As for Kirk Cameron, he died when Growing Pains died...He is just as bad as these brothers, and anyone else who thinks being LGBT is wrong.  I will be 50 in July, and it took almost 20 yrs., for my family to accept me, and now, I have cousins, and a niece, and 2 nephews, and a son, yes, I have a son, who is gay.  I would say some vulgar language to these ppl who blast us for being LGBT, but I am too good of a person to do so.

I think they are dong each other to the point of insanity. All that sucking can deflate your brain.

Im sorry, but have they been running head first into too many parked cars????? 

Christ exposed Satan and his works and then commanded us to love one another as he has loved us...evident in his statement, let him without sin cast the first stone, we should spend less time judging each other and more time sharing the love of Christ.

O.o  I am a Christian and gay.  All that I have to say about this is, what a heaping pile of mindless utterances.

But what exactly is the truth?

They got a contract with another network for MORE MONEY!

You gays have NO clout!!


Don't know where YOUR intel is coming from, but I can find nothing to indicate that their show is anything but dead in the water, guy.  

I'm straight and I think they're a bunch of bigoted tools. And on Beck's program? He was too crazy even for FOX.

Well said.

You can not live your life from the past or in the past to use our forefathers bull thats how life was then we live in the future now and need to adjust to fit the times we live if we had started this country now things would different you live and believe your way and I'll live mine

I'm sorry but who are these guys and who cars what they think or say? I mean really, who are they and why is everyone hellbent on giving them a platform to voice their opinions?

By protesting so much and going to such extremes to pronounce their views to the world, they are proving that they, themselves, have homosexual tendencies.  Haven't we seen this play out over and over?  The more they protest, the more they are trying not to hate themselves.

It sounds that they are so oldfashioned they want to see no public shows of affection. They want only traditionally married couples show affection. As much as Im progressive and think we are too prudish in America sex and affection should be free. I also believe in opinions and their religious opinion should not be reason to punish it is not a crime. I would be afraid if one day I could be punished for my opinions. Weare heading down the wrong slope. This is(was) a democracy with a freedom to religion

Can some one bitch slap those two fools for me please..I for one could care a less  what they think of me as a gay man or my life style . Tell me something why do they call it land of the free????

They were denying their faith to recover their TV show. Where's the integrity in that?

They're beautiful men!

They're odd-looking, at best. And hideous where it counts.

These two guys aren't just brothers.  They're lovers!  Isn't that a wedding ring?

David and Jason's faces LIGHT UP when they say "homosexual" and "gay". When those two come out of the closet, LOOK OUT all you holders of The Fab!!!


What total slimeballs. And they have the nerve to actually think that they're of themselves as "Christian" - LOL

They're nothing but ignorant uneducated moronic narrow-minded hate-mongering bigots.

Someone please put ballgags in their mouths so we'll never have to hear from them again!

Ok i get it they are saying some offensive negative things about the gay community but why do we keep going on & on & on with these dick heads fuck them lets stop giving a fuck About what they are saying please i dont wanna here anymore about them we are giving them life we make them relevant lets leave them where we found them with no tv Show

Thank god in Canada hate speech is illegal!

These two hacks really should just shut the fuck up and go away. Everytime they talk they just dig themselves into a deeper and deeper grave. Same goes for Dinald Sterling (soon to be firmer owner) of the Los Angeles Clippers.  He just keeps digging and digging. Now he's taking on Magic Johnson. MJ will wipe the floor with his racist ass

Could we PLEASE let these fools go?!?!?!? Their 15 minutes was SO over last week . . .

This is such bullshit on their part. I pity the people that listen to them. 

OH MY GOD! That's a whole lot of crazy! Wow...

I don't care about their views Time to MOVE on stop giving them attention.  They don't deserve even bad attention. 

Oh my...Imagine what they would say if they saw Conchita Wurst! lol

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