The Best Gay Couple's Marriage Proposal Video Of The Week Takes A Bus Into Our Hearts

Who doesn't want to meet someone who'll stand on top of a bus for them?

Writes Alissa (who gets proposed to in this tear-jerking video that's gone viral this week):

On July 30th I was pulled out of a meeting because of a "disturbance" on the street. When I got to my office window, I saw my girlfriend standing on a bus across the street. What came next was the most genuine, funny, heartfelt marriage proposal.

Just the night before, we were talking about romance and I pretty much told her she wasn't romantic. I am eating crow...and will be for a long time.

Congrats, Jeanne and Alissa. 





I have to admit that I welled up, but lord jesus.  I would be mortified if someone did this to me.  I suppose it's better than a fricken televised flash mob, but these theatrical, romanticized, overblown public displays are likely to give me IBS.

I wish them a long & happy life together, but... keep it in your pants ladies.

At least no one sang.

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