The Best Returnee Yet on The Reboot of Will & Grace Has Returned!

Will & Grace is premiering in less than two weeks, and millions of us are beyond excited to see who will be back for their second go around.  Some of the biggest stars from the original run have confirmed that they are returning, most recently fan favorite Minnie Driver will be back as Lorraine Finster, Karen's arch nemesis.

That's all in good fun, but the show did a really good job at balancing the hilarity with the emotional side of the characters, and it was just revealed that a major character will be returning that was a big factor in Will's life.

It is no other than the hunky Bobby Cannavale, who played cop & Will's boyfriend/husband Vince D'Angelo on the show.  The series finale showed that two years later they were married and had a kid.  It even earned him an Emmy award for the role, which was one of the first that really dove deep into a gay relationship on a major network. 



Debra Messing Instagrammed a pic yesterday, saying, "It just gets better and better. ANOTHER fan fav from our little show of yesteryear. "  Awe!  It will be curious to see if this is a one shot deal or will he be back for more episodes down the line.  This is just one more droplet of great information that makes me look forward to this show returning even more!

What are your thoughts of Bobby being back?