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Betty White On Homophobia (And The Real Bea Arthur)

We already knew that Betty White was on our side, but she once again showed her true colors (a Pride flag) in a new interview with Larry King. 

When asked about homophobes, Betty said: “I don’t care who you sleep with. It’s what kind of human being are you…I don’t understand, it’s such a personal, private business and none of mine.”

Well said, but Betty is even more charming when asked about her Golden Girls co-star, the late Bea Arthur. “No one knew what a sense of humor—real sense of humor—Bea Arthur had," Betty tells Larry. "They always think of her as very fierce and austere and she did give that image. She could be tough, she could be really tough, but she had a funny sense of humor and she could tell a joke like nobody else.”

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Betty White, once again proving how fan-freaking-tastic you are!

She's right its nobody's business who we sleep w/ I haven't watched the Golden Girls in a while but I found it funny!!

Thanks for your support.

Love you Betty!!! A amazing lady, one of a kind .....

Thank you Betty White! :)

Absolutely love Betty, she is one of a kind and a priceless human being!

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