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Beyonce Releases Gay-Inclusive Valentine's Underwear Line

Beyonce's already given us one gift to spice up our time in the boudoir (ahem, her self-titled smash hit album); now, just in time for Valentine's Day, Queen B is Dr. Ruthing it yet again with sexy underwear set for couples (including those in same-sex relationships). 

The $40 gift sets contain undergarments emblazoned with "Yours" and "Mine," which seemingly coincides with the release of Bey's collaboration with Drake, "Mine." While the typical his/hers set is offered, the underwear underscores Beyonce's modern sensibilities by including his/his and hers/hers pairs, too. 

​ What's next, Team Bey? "Beyonce's Economy-Size Surfboard Wax?" (Yes, please.)


Thats cool but the underwear is ugly.

Awww I thought they would be more colorful or have roses and stuff lacy edges or bottom

Except no gays would be caught wearing such baggy boxers...

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