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Beyonce's Sister Solange Physically Attacks Jay Z At Met Gala

Lord Jesus there's a fire...and her name is Solange

TMZ just posted video of Beyonce's little sister Solange going crazy on Jay-Z in an elevator at last week's Met Gala. (That's quite the dramatic set piece!)

We have no idea what's got Solange swinging on Jay-Z, but we know one thing from this video: Solange does not play! 

Also, note that Beyonce doesn't get involved. Gotta keep things on point for all of those prying photographers' lenses when those elevator doors open! 

What do you think this is all about, Instincters?


Crazy how Solange thinks she can go around attacking Jay Z kind of nuts, i think she behaved like a kid, when is she gonna grow up, i love Beyonce and Jay Z, i think they make a great super celebrity couple, i always play Beyonce and Jaz songs at my mobile disco gigs, everyone knows a Beyonce song.

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Maybe he did some illuminati shit that is going to affect her, her sister or one of them's lives of careers. Jay z is very dangerous.

That is her sister and for her to go off like that something vile and terrible had to happen. If you watch the video of them leaving Jay tries to block Beyonce from getting into the car and Beyonce body guard pulls jay forward, Beyonce doesn't even look at him or says bye. There is something wrong with this video, on and off the elevator. I don't like this and as of now, I'm not feeling Jay, we all are men and we have sisters, violence is NEVER the answer but in the heat of the moment with my sister. All of it is disturbing. 

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