BFs Sam Smith And Brandon Flynn Make Out PDA Like Woah


Are you ever out in public and suddenly feel the urge to recreate the kissing scene from The Notebook? Well stunning celebrity boyfriends Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn definitely know the feeling, and while out and about in London, PDA-ed for the Gawds in front of some thirsty paps! 

The twenty-five-year-old Brit singing sensation Sam Smith and the twenty-four-old Thirteen Reasons Why star Brandon Flynn have become the "it" celeb gay couple, and thanks to this public display of adorableness as well as their past public shenanigans, the two are letting me know loud and clear that their hot and heavy romance is superior to anything I will experience in my lifetime. Thanks guys!  

Flynn really is all kinds of gorgeous and Smith's glow up was one for the record books, and this pic of the duo trying to suck each other's souls out The Exorcism of Emily Rose-style really tells the world: "You thought your weekend was good? Well think again." I hate you both. Marry me plz. These pap pics are premium fancy pants exclusive, so you'll need to hit the link to see them so I don't get sued. Are you more into Flynn or Smith? Let us know in the comments!

Head HERE for the hot pics