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The Bible Has Been Rewritten. Rihanna is God, Drag Queens Are Disciples.

Oh, how the internet weaves its funny webs.  This time around it comes in the hands of comedian & former mayor of Hell, Michigan (who banned all straight people from entering its town) Elijah Daniel, who has taken it upon himself to rewrite the bible.  In this situation, Rihanna is god and Drag Queens are disciples.  This may be something some of us can get behind (unless you are a Beyonce fan).

His "bible" called The Holy Bible... but gayer: Elijah Daniel Version, has been banned on all sites minus Amazon, and the reviews are freaking hysterical not to mention what's inside of it.

Here is what's been said so far:







So far, it has 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon and has been very well-received by its readers.  It was also (allegedly) number one today in New Christian Books & Bibles.  LOL.

As Rihanna would say, "Shine bright like a diamond" and "Come on rude boy, boy can you get it up," depending on what time ot day you go to church. 

Is this something you would read?





This magazine is often interesting but this is stupid.

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