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Big Brother 16 Castmate Caleb Reynold's Anti-Gay & Anti-Muslim Slurs Exposed

Big Brother 16 has just kicked off in the U.S. Only two episodes (or one split-up "premiere" episode, technically) in so far and BB fans are already referring to it as "the summer of twists." A new competition has been added and the eviction nomination process has been changed, but it's another twist that might blow up in producers' faces the second year in a row. 

House guest Caleb Reynolds (whom viewers met on Thursday night's premiere episode) wants to be known as "a metrosexual cowboy" from Kentucky, but his heavy use of anti-gay slurs and homophobic language in social media may consume his reputation. 

Online Big Brother scoped out Caleb's Instagram (username: insain_physique) and found the deplorable comment thread highlighting what appears to be the reality star's xenophobia. 

“You believe in murder? You agree with fags?," Caleb writes in the thread obtained by OBB. "I guess so but I don’t agree with murdering A innocent baby which he clearly doesn’t mind. Nothin has changed in these last four years. You know it. Your just a democrat that wants that Muslim monkey in office. I’m done with you, your dismissed…"

"Also if you could see straight and wasn’t color blind the map if the US is completely red, thank god he only gets 4 more years. You and the other democrats will wish you never voted for him soon. Good job.”

Caleb's Instagram account was deleted shortly before the new season of Big Brother premiered this week. 

I watched both premiere episodes as well as Big Brother After Dark and the Live Feeds, and have to say that even faced with someone as out and proud as Frankie Grande, Caleb didn't flinch, seem uncomfortable or make any untoward comments. Here's hoping he's learned a thing or two since writing those harmful words. Time will tell, I guess, as Caleb, Frankie, and the 14 other houseguests are locked in the Big Brother house for 3 more months...





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What Joseph said!  NOT EVERYONE is going to like you.  GET OVER IT.  Not everything you say is an attack on a whole group.  SOMETIMES a cheap shot WILL happen.  DUH!!!!!

Caleb hates Muslims?  Oh, we do have something in common!  This man served in the cesspool in the East.  I think he would know more about it than probably MANY of you.

Muslims are less than worthless.

So far he hasn't been homophobic on the show at all.

And a great big LOL!   All you guys who were gushing about how "HOT" a homicidal gang-banger is are now all bent out of shape over some stupid rants from a "star" of a sophomoric reality show.  Pardon me while I don't give a shit.

Thank you, Robert. What is it, guys? Act like a bunch of adolescent girls or wannabe political activist?

Well said!

He's still freakin' HOTTT!!!

I watched the episodes and After Dark and am very upset cause I thought he was so hot and I was rooting for him. I have read about his comments twice today. It may appear he has grown due to his acceptance of Frankie. So here is hoping that he has changed. If he has and is sincere then I willl root for him, but if it is only an act and he is in fact homophobic and racist then he needs to go.

We need to pay attention to the racism and not just the homophobia.

So Hillary Clinton was against gay marriage before she was for it now. Does that mean that a former homophobe can't change over time as well? This is BS

I think the worst thing about this is that he believes seeing a lot of Red on the map equals to actual population. That type of ignorance is the most pitiable. He appears to be just an undereducated Red State Conservative. Nothing new here. 

People make mistakes.......keep it moving.

We all have our weak moments. ALL of us!

Racism and homophobia is not a mistake.

I mean, ARE not :D

Oh lord, let's not become the new black suffrage movement. People say messed up shit all the time. Let's not call out every ridiculous slipup. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT.

Said by an anonymous user. Why?! No one cares why stay anonymous? Hypocrite.

I know caleb. I am gay and biracial. He used the fags once. He was ranting because if u saw the whole conversation a guy was constantly attacking Caleb. Which is why Caleb says he's done with him. To take one minor slip and label someone a racist. Or a homophobe is fucked up. I guess cause I say bitch alot then I'm a male chovinist.

So are saying if a white man loses his patience with a black man it's okay to call him a "nigger"? Hmmm... :-/

Yeh smartass. Thats exactly what I was saying. Im saying lets grow the hell up. Stop about words on a screen. First of all Calebs profile was private. Second of all you wouldnt have known anything about the damn post if it hadnt been screen shot and blasted online. And as far as nigger goes I bet u still adore paula deen.

Joseph - Your friend Caleb has been very stalkerish towards Amber for the last two days. So much so that it is the main topic on ALL of the Big Brother boards. You can't really say he had a bad edit since we are all seeing it play out live and in real time. Caleb has some serious issues. 

Of course I wouldn't have known anything about the damn post if it hadn't been blasted online, smart guy. What's your point?

Who gives a crap. This is just an attempt to let people know the show is on its 12545154 season.

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