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Big Brother Drama: Racist Aaryn Doesn't Care If She's Offensive, Takes It To Another Level

I never would have guessed that the summer of American meta-racism studies would be coming to a head on CBS's longstanding hit Big Brother, but we can thank houseguest Aaryn Gries for throwing the curve ball. The cast member who's single-handedly drawn international attention and unprecedented ratings to the show had to give up her throne as Head of Household Thursday night when the power shifted to the other side (aka the non-racists) of the house. Turns out she's also a sore-loser. Add that to the other labels Aaryn's accrued since stepping through the door in late June. 

Aaryn's descent continued before she gave up HoH, however, when fellow houseguest Amanda informed her that her unsavory comments were offending some in the house. 

Aaryn's response?

"That's the most obnoxious, annoying thing I've ever heard. I'm not even gonna acknowledge it, because it's the biggest joke.

[Snorts, makes farting noise with her mouth]

I really just think that it's the most immature thing ever. They call me Barbie and all sorts of shit about me being blonde all the time, so what's the difference? I wish that I cared more about this, but I don't."

That's right, Aaryn's passionate about the historical plight and disadvantage America has inflicted upon hot white blondes, and understands that it's totally equal with the struggles non-whites have faced in the country. Girl knows her history. 

If that wasn't enough, shortly after the live show wrapped (when Aaryn's friend Nick was shockingly evicted from the mad house), punches were nearly thrown as racism boiled over at the hand of Miss Gries--a hand that decided to mess with the personal belongings of Candice, an African American houseguest who Aaryn's obviously had it out for since day one because BROWN PEOPLE! 

Understandably upset by the invasion of space, Candice threatens action if Aaryn messes with her property another time.

Then Aaryn hits a new low (if you can believe the bar can dive to those kind of depths).

In a tone and style that mocks slavery's days on the plantation, Aaryn says, "Whatchu gon do gurrl ... class girl? Where's yo class?"

The fight has escalated from the verbal to physical, prompting Candice to stand and defend herself. Gina Marie, Aaryn's righthand woman and fellow racist who's lost her real-life job for bigoted comments made on the show, stands to meet and encourage Candice to throw a punch, saying, "You want the black to come out?" (Big Brother houseguests who get physical are evicted from the show.)

I'm a self-acknowledged Big Brother addict for a decade now, but I've never seen a moment as raw, pent up and intense as this. I cry along with Candice seconds after Howie, her closest friend in the house, literally picks her up to physically remove her from the situation.

There are a handful of petitions demanding that CBS remove Aaryn from the show immediately, but I think the discussion her involvement in Big Brother 15 has sparked is bringing out a side of America we desperately need on display in this hotbed summer climate of hot topics inspired by racism (Zimmerman, Deen, the VRA); Aaryn's ugly-but-pure bigotry is hard to watch and a painful reminder of a reality that remains in the country today, no matter what a majority of the Supreme Court would like you to believe. But the outpouring of outrage over her comments from all walks of life across the country is incredibly palpable in every nook and cranny of pop-culture. Even in the game itself, those who've always been disgusted by Aaryn have only grown more against her, while those houseguests who used to consider themselves #TeamAaryn are slowly rethinking their allegiance to the biggest bigot on TV. So, what's the message sent by Aaryn's continuing involvement on the show? Racism isn't good for one's social game, employment and reputation.

Another real world effect of Aaryn and GM's bigotry has been the conversion of homophobic and racist comments emitted on the show into tangible goodness outside the BB house. Friends of Andy Herren (the only openly gay cast member this season) have set up a campaign to donate to the Trevor Project to counteract the slurs, having already raised more than $1,000 toward their $25,000 goal. 

Anyway, her days are likely numbered now that Helen is in charge (I'm not convinced the Hail Mary alliance Helen negotiated last week will hold after Aaryn's actions on Thursday night). 

Here's video showing the exact moment racism hit the boiling point in the house:






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Timmy, while you feel "blacks" (the last time I checked I was not the color of coal even with a tan) are a drain on society, and destroying neighborhoods, and are the primary benefactors of government programs, maybe you should do a little do a little research.  The primary benefactors of government programs are businesses.  The subsidies paid by the government to farmers is more than any welfare programs and those benefits in the way of lower cost food, are race agnostic.

Well now that Aaryn has lost her job, maybe the unemployment benefits she receives will make you happy... because a Caucasian finally can suckle on the government teat.  Oh wait, too late.  There's a ton of them that ALSO receive government assistance already.  Lets hope your beliefs and support of persecution only apply to racial minorities and not sexual orientation as well.

Timmy is right that there should not be a double standard when it comes to racism...but that does NOT make her racist remarks any more appropriate. She not only has made slurs against African Americans, but also against Asians and homosexuals. While she should retain the right to dislike who she wants and say what she does not mean we have to like it or tolerate it. If she is going to be so vocal about disliking other races, etc...then those she speaks ill of have the right to be vocal about disliking her (though I do wish they would refrain from stooping to her level with the name calling, ie Barbie)

On the one hand people are told to view blacks the same, as if the color of their skin is no different than the color of someone's hair or eyes. But then when Aaryn, who is great, suggests that to her their skin color is no different than her being blond and being kidded about that, all of a sudden she is condemned for not constantly obsessing over the entire history of the world and the supposed fact that whites since the time of Adam and Eve have been vicious evil racists, full of hate for blacks for no other reason than that their skin color is different. Well maybe whites do have some reasons to resent blacks, like the high crime rate, the neighborhoods destroyed by black crime, constantly being called racist by blacks, riots after trials of innocent men railroaded by racist accusations, billions wasted on government programs for resentful people who only hate whites more for acting as though they ARE guilty of hating blacks for the color of their skin, and on and on and on it goes. Time for blacks to grow up, and get over it, and quit grinding the ax of racism. THERE WERE MORE WHITES ENSLAVED FROM EUROPE BY MUSLIMS IN AFRICA THAN BLACKS WERE BROUGHT TO AMERICA. But whites got over it, Jews, the most oppressed group in the history of the world GOT OVER IT, and they are doctors and lawyers and are productive to society. Blacks are a huge burden, economically, and emotionally, as person after person step on the third rail of political correctness and dare to same some word or phrase that offends the precious sensibilities of the of so precious blacks. Trayvon called Mr. Zimmerman the N word! But that gets a pass, no biggie, who cares, Trayvon is the Joan of Arc of our age! Paul Dean is crucified for some comment she made 30 years ago! Aaryn loses her job for a few ridiculous comments on Big Brother. Blacks should be ashamed of themselves for allowing it to get this far, they need to stop allowing whites to be ground down by this absurd spectacle.

Wow - I feel the same way - i am so disgusted by the blatant racism of Aaryn and Gina Marie.  Great recap.

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