'Big Brother' Star Cody Calafiore Gets A Grip For C-IN2 Underwear

The "Zankie" bromance/showmance may be garnering most of our attention on this season of Big Brother, but that doesn't mean we've lost sight of gorgeous Cody Califiore!

The "Sales Account Executive" by day and apparent underwear model by night is giving us a lot to appreciate!!

Check out his campaign for C-IN2's Grip Athletic and these images from photographer Rick Day!


(H/T: New Now Next/ DudeTube, NSFW)


He's not small! Besides he's hot!

What a small penis !!!!!

They're ALL gay this season!

ёб твою мать!!! All the good-looking and athletic body guys are straight...and a дурак, говнюк, кушать говно, мудак.... and....

это всё!!!! 

After watching another video called BigBrother 16 bodybuilder competition, I'm starting to question all of the guys heterosexuality, lol

How do you think he got on Big Brother? They have talent scouts now because they've exhaused the stupid people gene pool! 

He's hot. A perfect body. 

He's hot. He's got a big weiner. And a nice little tuft of hair above his cock & balls. Scrumptious!

To all the jealous bitches here bla-bla-bla-ing over photoshop ... With or without ... tell me you would pass on a guy like this if he came to your bed at night?! RIGHT ... I DIDN'T THINK SO ... but in case you are stupid enough to say yes ... just send him to mine and you'll be forgiven ;-)

I have been fixated on him since the show debuted this season. I googled his name that night and found all these images already so nothing new here Instinct, you are late to the Cody party while swooning over Frankie (fucking flamer) and Zach (wish he were in  my bed).

Why the hate on Frankie? He's not your thing, that's cool, but you don't need to be a flame thrower yourself. Chill, dude. There's a lid for every pot. Methinks you're just jealous of Frankie and his bromance with Zach.

fucking flamer? wow

A little reactive, don't you think? There's no doubt some photoshopping going on here, but nothing that can't be explained by, perhaps... a less-arched back, a different twist of the torso, or a temperature change in the room :)

I don't want to justify the crazy mody-modifications that have been all the rage lately, but ALL professional photos are "photoshopped". There are reasonable corrections that need to be made in every single one.

Oh, and this isn't "pour" (or poor) journalism. It's pseudo-soft-porn, and I'm ok with that.


Not all "magic" is done with photoshop. You would be amazed with what we can do with angle, perspective, lighting, cut of the underwear, and cockrings (and depending on how the ring sits on top and below the balls can change the angle and prominence of the package). As an example, check the default image on the video and the last two pics. His waist is indeed that small and the photographer's placement of the camera plus the model's spine, hip, pelvis and leg positioning accentuate his ass. A good photographer can make "almost" anyone's ass POP, before editing. Now check the "behind the scenes shot" which is the model in a natural relaxed position. That is easily the same ass. Too many of us have fallen into the cynical "its photoshop trap" which keeps us from appreciating the beauty of the finished photograph. In some instances that cynicism is warranted (particularly with female cover models who influence young girls) but in male, homoerotic art, it isn't a deal breaker. 

Yes, i think you re totaly right

I was thinking the same: Photoshop. I am getting disgusted with Instinct. Very pour "journalism" (I use the term loosely)

Where can we fin underwear like the first picture in Belgium? It looks really hot 


It is the GRIP JOCK and can be found here:


Thanks! :D


something is wrong in these pictures, isn´t it???? hi "package" is not the same size in all of them, same happen with his butt, which ones are the real ones and in which one use the magic of "photoshop" 

shame on you!!!

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