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Big Brother/The Talk Host Julie Chen On The Most Recent Racist Display In The BB House

Everyone's been dying to find out what Julie Chen, host of Big Brother and a co-host on The Talk, has to say about last week's epic coming-to-a-head of racism in the Big Brother house (which finally aired Sunday night). 

She didn't hold back her opinion of bigoted houseguest Aaryn Gries during Monday morning's episode of The Talk

Take a look:

Will Aaryn be fired from the show? According to organizers of a petition asking for CBS to do just that, there's a good chance. 

"We are working very hard to get Aaryn evicted. There were talks to CBS and there is so much pressure on them that they may do it at any time.

"Unfortunately, the issues of racism are escalating on Big Brother 15 despite the call for certain contestants to be removed. CBS news has actually asked viewers to let them know how the situation should be handled."



I say leave her in there. I was horrified by her behavior but living in the south i know a lot of people just like her. Who swear up and down that they aren't being racist, that they're being victimized, set up, slandered. I think America needs a lesson in what IS and what IS NOT racist. She is just like so many of my friends who have one or two black friends in their group of friends and they say stuff just like that in jest and those black individuals just smile and tell them its okay just like Howard did when he talked to her about it in the house. So she thinks that it IS okay. I say if you don't want people thinking you're a racist, you shouldn't talk like one. In my opinion, Aaryn taking a lot of heat and NONE of the men have taken any heat about their blatant misogyny. Spencer has talked disgustingly about the women in that house, and from a panel of women NOTHING. I find that just as offensive as Spencer talking that way. Shame on all of you!

Go Julie smiley

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