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Big Brother: Three Guys One Bed

Big Brother 16 boasts one of the most memorable male casts in recent memory (see here and here for examples of why). Though the guys in the house have no connection to the outside world, they seem to get it. Many bromances (including Zankie) have formed this season, and they all kind of exploded this week when the Big Brother dudes put on a fitness/bodybuilding show for each other. 






Males of the species, are really not gay or straight, they're just sexual.  so none of this is surprising.

You know what....if I keep getting links to your site and vids that won't work in Canada, well..  I'll let you imagine the worst! So lame!

Don't blame them, it is because of Canada's content protection laws. Call your MP.

Not available in Ireland either :-(

problem outside US,

The message is from Youtube and blames the UPLOADER for restricting the availability, don't think Hola will work

Would be great if people in australia could watch the links....regional barrier=Stupid

Try Hola (Hola Better Internet) and change your country of origin and perhaps you'll be able to see all our gays, Frankie, Zach, Cody, AND Caleb! lol

I forgot the other hottie Hayden. He is sweet too!

I definitely have seen straight guys do this.  In fact they try to get me to do it and I always say no...they're straight so why even go there 

They're ALL gay. Straight guys don't act like this. Sorry gay guys, you would like to think that we do, but we don't. 

Because EVERY straight guy acts EXACTLY the same? Wow, you clearly know all about human nature, and the effects of being enclosed and cut-off from outside sources. Do you have anything insightful published that I might be able to read? I feel like lowering my IQ...

You couldn't be further from the truth, perhaps for yourself personally. Of course this leads other to conclude that would be due to your being insecure with your own sexuality.

That's so far from the truth....I've seen many guys at the gym comparing bodies and touching their muscles that have girlfriends and/or wives with kids.

There is no rule that says that a gay male cannot have a wife and kids. Ancient Greeks certainly had no such rules, and they are said to be the founders of Western Civilization. Go figure. And if another dude ever touches a part of my body, I will ask him politely to never do that again. Unless he is entirely in the closet, like I am

Maybe this is the way that CBS wants to bring back BB into the spotlight

Yes it is, I wouldn't complain about it too much. We have to suffer through all the hetero seasons. LOL

what else happened after titty twist???

Is this the gay Brig Brother Season?????

Please send me in my email this film

Seems being gay can be fun and entertaining. lol Love the nipple twist Zach gives Frankie.

I keep telling straight dudes that, but they just won't listen to me.

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