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'Big Brother's' Straight/Gay "Zankie" Showmance Has Fans Abuzz

Big Brother fans are all abuzz over the "Zrankie" (or "Zankie" depending on who you ask) showmance/bromance between straight contestant Zach Rance and gay contestant Frankie Grande (bro to singer Ariana Grande)!

“I’m not gay,” Zach said in a confessional. “But the bond Frankie and I have is so genuine and sincere that I truly feel that he is my boyfriend… I only date women. He’s just one of the greatest people I’ve ever met.”

Frankie sounds a tad less committal, saying: “I don’t know what I have in him, but it’s lovely for now.”

Take a look at their love in action!

Sadly, fans are speculating that Big Brother's cutest couple may be on the way out as Frankie appeared to be plotting Zach's exit, but keep the faith Zankie/Zrankie fans. Love conquers all, right?? 

Unless there's money on the line. 


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8 months later and I'm still not over Zankie lmao

both of them are cute.

I love to see the world with fair feelings. Let it matter where it ended they both enjoy. Make way for your feelings show to the world. GAY is just a word, it is not harmful only the attitudes of the man is misleading.

It's all BS for ratings! 

They're acting like little junior high girls. They don't have something "special" going on. It's all strategy! Get a grip. You just want everyone queer.

I think it's sweet. Why label it? They have something special, so let them have it. Finding something special with anyone, no matter how you chose to place it is awesome, so I support it.

to cute they are

so cute they are

I think it's precious!

You gay men just want to turn all straight men gay, so they can be miserable like you.

Don't be an ass you can't turn people gay asshole!!!!

Actually you can

Actually and factually, you can't! Homosexuality is not contagious or transferrable like the common cold.

did someone turn you then honey child. if not then so stop the shit

Why does everything have to have a label? Why can't men show each other love physically (not sexually) regardless if one is gay or not. There is clearly a stigma being labeled "gay" which is why straight men can can be so trepidatious around gay men. If they get too close or show just a little more interest than expected, we have to be like, "Oh they're gay! They gotta be gay!" The moment we stop throwing a label on everything will be the moment homophobia will begin to wane. We need more "straight" men like him in our lives.

Notice that in the second video at minute 00:56 the "straight" guy has a boner and hides it by laying belly down...

Sorry -00:56 or minute 02:50

STRAIGHT MEN DO NOT CUDDLE! What is wrong with you people?

Pffff seriously? You straight guys don't cuddle? Do you realize how stupid that sounds? So yeah, I'm gay, but I know women that cuddle with their boyfriends, even their straight friends. Cuddling is sweet, it's relaxing, disstressing, and guess what? It's another way to make another person feel like you care. Unless you don't care, of course, which brings the question to you. Do you even like to be caressed and touched? If not, then you're ok, don't ever cuddle. 


I almost threw up my dinner, lol! I hope they keep Zach, throw out Sleazy Frankie. Zach's cute!

Why do tv shows always have to select gays who act like women? Seems ignorant of the real variety in the world.

actually if you watch the season of Big Brother Canada that just ended, they had a gay member of the house that actually was quite manly and even managed to use a few of the ladies in the house by flirting with them. I feel like when Big Brother US casts their shows they look for people that they feel would appeal to a variety of different people, may it be by race, gender, and orientation. unfortunately I think they feel the only way to appeal to the gay american audience is to cast a flamboyantly/stereotypical gay individual. 

Personally, I think Frach is a much better name for them.

Good news it looks like Zack is not going home. Zanckie lives!!! Watch tonight at 8 and tomorrow at 9 et

Yes, questing Zack sexuality; but I think it cute in a way. Don't know, his little sister been around the block a couple of times so if I doubt anything is going to develop between the two, I think Frankie is self center like is little singer and he's just going to move on....

I think it doesn´t matter if you're gay or straight, you must love people as they love you, I have a lot of gay friends and I'm straight too, and I don't care, I love my friends and that's what really matters.

In many other cultures and countries, two straight guys being publicly close or even affectionate is no big deal. it's often common at cafes, bars and parks in South america and europe. It's the US folks who are too uptight to equate any fondness without the spectre of sex. Its a shame. 

Try are way tooooo cute!

I cant believe this but im loving both of them

Zach has to be gay! No STRAIGHT guy would EVER cuddle or spoon with a gay guy! ESPECIALLY a flamer like Frankie! It's just a matter of time before Zach comes out of the closet. 

@StraitDude - BULL-SHIT!

gaya like you give gays a bad name

why a straight guy wouldnt cuddle with a gay guy? we need more straight guys like him the ones that dont give a fuck if it was a straight girl and a lesbian girl you wouldnt be saying oh shes a lesbian! a straight girl would never do that, why? cause girls are "allowed" to do that well i think straight guys should be allowed to have a cute friendship like this

Allowing non gay people to see what it's like for 2 guys loveable to one another will get them ready for the real thing. 

Oh its Big Brother ...Let it happen..its makes for a good show ..They arent hurting anyone what if it were two girls all you str8 guys would be saying Yeah Yeah..Let it let this happen

Id cuddle with zach any day...

They actually make a cute couple ;-)


I think I just vomited in my mouth. Oh yea, I def just did.

Me too. Bigotry is so disgusting I physically get ill. 

Me too.

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