'Big Brother's' Zankie Confess Their Love; Cody Gets A Butt Massage

Big Brother's Zach and Frankie are turning into a love story for the ages! We've been fans of the "Zankie" straight/gay showmance/bromance for a while now, but has it finally evolved into true love?

Things seem to be heading in that direction according to the show's live feed! 

BigBrotherDish has the transcript of how things went down on the live feed:

July 25, 12:55pm, Camera 2. HoH Room. Frankie and Zach.

Zach: What up, Frankie?

Frankie jumps into bed to spoon Zach.

Frankie: I'm like falling in love with you a little bit.

Zach: Are you?  I'm in love with you.

Frankie: A little bit.

Zach: I'm in love with you, without a doubt. 

That is some Pablo Neruda level love poetry, boys!! 

And what's a confession of love without GIFs?! (Click to play.)

Things getting a little too saccharine for you? Well, Frankie managed to tear himself away from spooning with Zach to give Cody a deep tissue butt massage. 

We don't blame him

Is it true love for Zankie, Instincters?? (Just kiss him already! GIF!!)


(H/T: Towleroad)



I confess. Having a sexually relation with a straight married man.

you'd be surprise the reality in which real world straight married men having affairs with gay men

I feel Frankie is a jerk. Zach really does care for him as a friend but Frankie would throw him under the bus with no hesitation 

ёб твою мать!!! All the good-looking and athletic body guys are straight...and a дурак, говнюк, кушать говно, мудак.... and....

это всё!!!! 

"Is it true love for Zankie, Instincters??"

Obviously not! All the contents from reality shows are false. So this "bromance?" or whatever, it's absolutely a montage. 

That's ridicoulous! It can't be possible a romance between a gay man and straight man. 

You know nothing about chemistry...there´s no such thing as bi, gay, hetero when things go with the flow....you should be more opened and the "gay patrol" approach for the 90:s.

There is nothing "real" about Reality TV.

Im in Uk and i cant fucking view this because Youtube says i cant view this because of my country. Fucksake

Who knows, maybe producers put them up to this, with compensation, to have a gay romance storyline (because it's about time!) Reality tv is anything but REAL.

I would not be at all surprised if it was a Producer-produced relationship of sorts. Why not?

There are straight shomances; why not have a gay one? And for one of the men be a closet case just adds to the storyline. Will he come out bisexual before his eviction day or on his eviction day either with Julie or as part of his plea to stay?

Can you just imagine? He confesses his love and it magically turns around everyone's mind to keep him. Keep him around to just watch his relationship bloom and flourish for real. There's a mock wedding between the two of them like last year. They already have the wedding stuff to do one. The Caleb/Amber/Cody love-triangle is quite dangerously scary and the Nicole/Hayden shomance is boring.

I don't see any other shomances developing. Although Christine is getting way too comfy with Cody. Am I wrong?

They're clearly both just playing up their "relationship" for the cameras. Also, if anyone is going to get hurt it's going to be Frankie who may have a genuine crush on Zack who is most def straight...a gay crush on a straight guy never ends well (I would know lol).

Something just aches at me that Frankie is playing Zach so that Zach will do anything to to keep Frankie in the house.  I agree, sorry Zach but this will not end well for you.  If you decide that you would like to try a Gay romance then PLEASE do it with a nice guy your own age and NOT Frankie.

It would be really cute if this is real and they do have feelings for each other. But I think its all part of an alliance they have made to stay in the house and win. If it is, that's good too! It's a game and they are there to win!

This won't end well for Zach. 

Completely agree, Zach will get hurt in this house play.

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