Bill O'Reilly Says Marriage Equality Will Lead To The "Fundamental Dissolution" Of Marriage

Grab the skis because Bill O'Reilly is once again claiming that the U.S. is on the course of a slippery slope. And it's all because of equality for same-sex couples, of course. 

Framing his argument around the recent win in Utah for polygamous relationships, Billo points his finger at marriage equality for causing what he thinks is the "fundamental dissolution" of marriage in the U.S. 

Behold, Billo's shrieking apples-to-oranges spiel:



Oh Please the only thing about marriage is that most people getting married are delusional in thinking it won't lead to divorce. 4 out of 5 in under 5 years. With those odds, it would be cheaper to just start with the divorce.

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