Bill O'Reilly Thinks It Should Be Illegal To Tell Gay People They're Going To Hell

Some nights he supports the LGBT community, some nights he's against us. On Tuesday night, he was very much for protecting the LGBT community during a debate with John Stossel that saw the Fox News host calling for the prohibition of telling a gay person they're going to hell, in certain circumstances, anyway. 

"I think that should be against the law [for someone to go] up to a homosexual, got in his face and said, 'you're going to hell, you're going to hell,'" O'Reilly said. "He’s invading the person’s space. He’s bringing intentional, personal anguish to the person. I think that person should be protected.”

Do you agree with O'Reilly? Should this kind of speech (which is still protected under the 1st Amendment) be banned by law?



Kiss me, Bill; or would that be invading your space?

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