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Billboard In Mexico Calls For Gays To Be Put To Death

A "Christian" billboard that has been erected in the south eastern Mexican state of Chiapas is calling for the death of gays, according to "Biblical law."

The billboard, funded by a local church and a mayor, are the anti-gay movement's response to marriage equality washing over Mexico in a state-by-state process. "No to the legalization of initiatives that are contrary to the commandments of God—abortion, gay marriage, legalization of marijuana etc," the billboard starts before its dangerous and bolded message that reads, "The wages of sin are death."

Mexico bans the discrimination based on sexual orientation, a law that the many who are outraged over the billboard are using in their efforts to have it taken down. But the backers of the billboard, including Chilo mayor Leonardo Rafael Aguilar Guiraro’s Chiapas Green Foundation and the Espiranza Segura Jesus Christ church headed by Pastor Joshua Perez, insist their call for deadly violence against the LGBT community is necessary to keep the sky from falling. 

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That scripture is talking about spiritual death. Christians do not live according to "Biblical Law". The Law doesn't exist anymore according to Christian Faith. Jews live by The Law. They don't put gays to death either. Know your subject before you write a story about it. 

Actually this "article" is discrimination because you are distorting the facts. You've taken one line and created something to fuel your hate of Christians.

I'm gay and am embarrassed at the ignorance of this author. NOH8! That means NO HATE period. Not against gays. Not against religious people.

I agree with picadilly comment...I live in México city and its a huge difference with people who live in big citie such as Gdl, Monterrey or Cancun and have respet with the gay community.

Oh well, as a mexican what can i say, simply disgraceful. The poorest and most uneducated states of Mexico (e.g. Chiapas, Oaxaca, etc.) the more vile against the GLBT community are, often led by Catholics and Christians (no surprises there). Sad but true. Still, somehow I feel like things are moving forward #hope #gay #Mexico

Go fuck your selfs losers

 Think both the people that paid for this billboard and the people who received money for it should be brought to justice for discrimination!!

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