Bisexual Man Pens Love Letter To His Girlfriend

A bisexual man named Lewis Oakley shares a love letter he's written for his girlfriend.

Oakley is a columnist and regular contributor to

He writes:

My girlfriend and I have only been together eight months, but in that short time she’s inspired me to be the best I can be. She’s encouraged me to tell my story and stand up for other bi people. She’s cheered me on to keep going, congratulated me on my  successes and been there to make me smile when I get abuse on Twitter.

She puts up with me being up until 3am messaging with a bi guy from America on his coming out process. She understands when I’m not available because I’m writing an article to a sharp deadline. And she doesn’t get mad when people message me inappropriate sexual comments on Facebook.

An open-minded, supportive partner? What more can a guy want?

Oakley continues:

It shouldn’t be a big deal to find a woman who’s cool with dating a bi guy; but as a reformed serial dater, let me tell you they are rare to come by. She’s never asked me which one I prefer, been insecure about me going gay clubbing or listened to those who told her ‘it’s just a phase.’

But by far one of the biggest things I have to thank her for is being cool with what I’m doing right now. It’s one thing to date a bi man, it’s quite another to date a bi activist who discusses his attraction to men and women in the media every week.

He adds:

When you’re in a relationship it can be hard to discuss your bisexuality and even harder to discuss it on an international platform. If I were a gay activist I dare to say life would be easier. Yes, I’d be discussing sexuality and love but ultimately I wouldn’t have to discuss my attraction outside of my boyfriend. I could use him as an example, bi people can’t do that. I can’t just talk about my attraction to women.

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