'Bitten' Star Greyston Holt Gets Naked For Season 2 Renewal

Bitten star Greyston Holt has been participating in our favorite kind of advocacy: the naked variety (NSFW-ish) all in an effort to get his Canadian TV series a second season pick-up!

He's also standing strong (and naked) against the censorship that's taking place in the U.S. where SyFy airs a version of Bitten minus the nudity and sex scenes! 

Thankfully, his efforts haven't been in vain! Bitten has received its second season! But does that mean Greyston now has to put his clothes on??

(H/T: Gay.net)


So will the Netflix offering be the original Canadian version, or the butchered 'Murkin version?

Where do I find the canadian version???

Thank God for Netflix!

love to the show ALL the actors very well done.....looking for to see the new moon rise lol

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