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Body Cam Footage of Ralph Shortey Arrest Released

Earlier this year, Republican homophobic state senator, Ralph Shortey was arrested after being caught in a Super 8 motel with a 17-year-old boy prostitute. Instinct reported on it several times, including the most recent when the details of the night in question emerged in the affidavit in which he refers to the boy’s parts as a “boy p*ssy”. Surely you heard of it!

But now, the case grows even more interesting when the Moore, Oklahoma Police Department released the body cam footage of the night Shortey was arrested—just days after he has pled guilty to child sex trafficking.

The video is reminiscent of an old episode of Cops or even today’s phenomenon Live PD.

When Shortey answers the door for the cops, he steps into the light slowly enough for the world to gaze upon his very tasteful Ephesians 5:22 shirt. For those who don’t know (which I definitely had to look up), Ephesians 5:22 refers to a bible verse stating “Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do the the Lord.” How quaint.

Then the shirt shows the image of a sandwich and in smaller font the words “Now go make me a sandwich.” How precious!

Take a look at this politician who is doing great work for the children.