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Body Of Missing, Gay Florida College Student Found

The body of a missing, gay Florida State University student was found in a vacant building on Tuesday.

Ryan Uhre was 23-years-old and had been last seen at a Tallahassee bar on Feb. 2 watching the Super Bowl with friends. He was reported missing on Feb. 5.


"It is with a heavy heart that TPD announces that the body that we have discovered in the building belongs to Ryan Uhre," Officer David Northway, TPD spokesman, said Tuesday morning.

As Northway made the announcement, Friends of Uhre who had started gathering around the scene, broke down in tears, many sobbing uncontrollably at the news.

Police have no evidence to suggest foul play was involved with Uhre’s death, the cause of which is still under investigation.

“At this time we have no indication of foul play, but again, every crime scene is an evolving crime scene,” Northway said. Police treat all unattended deaths as homicides until it’s proven otherwise.


“Our forensic techs are taking evidence, as you can see our forensics van is there, but at this very moment we have no indication of foul play, but again we will continue to work it as an open and active investigation and we will not stop until we determine what actually is the cause of death,” Northway said.

Very sad. We'll update you with any noteworthy developments in this case, Instincters.


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I've heard that he climbed onto the roof of the adjoining building and over a barrier to a broken second story window and went in.  Unfortunately,  the second story floor was missing and he fell to the bottom.  Why he did all this is the question.  He had just graduated FSU in December and was looking to go to law school.  A Democratic congressman hired him as an aide a few weeks before.  He had credit cards, etc. on him.  This is the mystery police will have to figure out.  Also, police have released a photo of a man seen in the alley near Ryan at the time of his disappearance and want to question him.

I hope that Instinct will follow up on this heartbreaking story. Answers must be made public in order to prevent another such calamity. At least make this man's death be not in vain, by helping others even while deceased.

No, they say they have no evidence to suggest foul play...but that doesn't mean that it wasn't foul play...just that they can't prove that it is and won't say so until they can find evidence to suggest that is is foul play.

Still, very sad and I feel sad for his friends and family. Glad they found his body though. It's worse when folks really just vanish and there is no proper closure...

Interesting that they're already saying it doesn't appear to be foul play. Where did they find him? He left a bar...could he have been drugged in the bar? GHB wouldn't have taken affect right away. It also might not linger in his system that long.

If you read more clearly, he is saying they can't claim foul play was involved because they have not found evidence yet. However they only started investigation so evidence has yet to be processed and discovered. However, even so, they are treating the case as homocide and investigating diligently 

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