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Bollywood Star Imran Khan Answers 'Stupid Questions About Being Gay'

(Presumably) Straight Bollywood star, Imran Khan has a large gay following and he's showing his support for the gay community by answering "stupid questions about being gay" in the wake of the Indian Supreme Court's recent criminalizing of gay sex


Thanks for the hilarious support, Imran! 


(H/T: Towleroad via First Post)


Imran Khan is straight and married !

Hey didnt mean to offend you man

Say what you will, but I'm not quite ready to introduce Bollywood into my life.  

HI i am bisexual and it looks like you might be gay or bisexual no worries becase you attracted me

'Presumably' straight... Why was that qualifier necessary? Honestly, Instinct is really slipping.

lol loved the answers. hmm... it didnt stuck to me what he was referring to about 'coffee', until i saw the next clip of it!!

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