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Bootylicious Jock Gets Down To Sia's "Chandelier"

Author and popular YouTuber Bryan Hawn has given his "perfect ass routine" book The List the best advertisement possible by lip-syncing for his life to Sia's "Chandelier" while wearing nothing but his chonies in bed. Who wouldn't wanna get that ass (in all senses of the phrase)? 




He is gorgeous and I love his videos. 

He is gorgeous. My guess is that he is Jewish. People who call him ugly are antisemitic jerks.

i like his videos although i wish he'd show more emotion in his face when he is lip synching. However, he seems to do the videos because he enjoys them so anyone calling him ugly or anything like that, you are just awful people. Easy to call someone names for putting themselves out there while you sit behind your computer talking smack. if you call him ugly, post your own photos so we can see the prize you are!

Great ass...butterface!

I am appalled by this vid. He is downing shots and then a bottle of pills?! What kind of message like that! 

U obviously missed the point of the whole video... Congrats

its about overcoming a struggle with addiction. Some people I swear lol

I dance sing like that in the car or at home all the time. But people lol at me usually. 

Just another example of how if ur pretty in this world people will watch and like anything. 

Sex sells 

Bryan Hawn is a nice person, very handsome, very comfortable with himself, courteous and friendly, has a great boyfriend and a hyena he raised from a baby. He plays piano and sings beautifully, and has fun making these videos that you KNOW you can't stop watching. Kudos to him. Screw off to the haters. Go Bryan.

I dont see what alll the hoopla is a bout..yeah hes are lots of men....yeah he has a nice body...but there again, so do lots.......and the lipsyncing to the girl song...just looks wrong...I am not impressed...sorry....

Could not agree more. Well said. 

Agree my friend!

I think it's magnificent. He's not classically good looking but garden variety beauty is dull, and the song is awesome. I think he's very sexy.

Get your life. Who cares what others think or say. They don't matter. 

i could only last 3 seconds...just awful

I'd marry him then spill a warm, sweet load up inside him on a nightly basis! Beautiful baby boy!

[throws up in mouth]

I take it your a looker yourself?


Total butter face...

You obviously have no concept of beauty. He is exceptionally handsome. This is what happens when bitter trolls are allowed to comment.

Let's not get crazy now. You clearly can't see above his neck line… there is nothing exceptionally handsome about his face. If you intend to use his body as a measuring stick for beauty, then say so. But don't act like you're not taking his body into consideration when making a statement about  beauty. I was referring to his face, not his body. Let's stay on topic.

idk who you're looking at, but the guy that i see in the video is beautiful, face and body both.

He looks like a real man. Not some ken doll with WAYYY to much work done!

actually he is 6 feet 1" moron

this guys body is perfect


I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating cookies...

Bryan is hot, but he is super short.... saw him the other day and I was shocked how small he was....

What a butt-er face. .


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