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Boston Police Captain Turns In Son Over Alleged ISIS-Inspired Anti-Gay Terrorist Plot

Various news sources reported in July that Boston Police Captain Robert Ciccolo had alerted the FBI to his 23-year-old son Alexander Ciccolo as a potential terrorist and ISIS sympathizer. Captain Ciccolo told counter-terrorism agents last September that his son was "going off the deep end." Alexander Ciccolo was arrested on July 4 following a ten month sting operation, in which he detailed plans to attack a college campus. 

The National Enquirer, however, is claiming to have received court documents revealing that Ciccolo's planned attack was targeted towards gay college students. 

From The National Enquirer:

Terrifying court documents obtained by The National ENQUIRER revealed the ISIS-obsessed son of a police captain planned a vicious and calculated assault on gay Americans!

“I know what I’m doing,” Alexander Ciccolo, 23, told an undercover agent, according to a shocking FBI affidavit that detailed his desire to execute homosexuals at an unnamed college campus.

“That is our target! I collected a lot of info on this place,” Ciccolo told the agent. “It supports the f----ts, so even better to destroy them.”

The papers also revealed Ciccolo, who was calling himself Ali Al Amriki, invited the agent to participate in the attack, and asked him to help secure supplies for his twisted mission.

“I want tons of ammo!” Ciccolo said, referring to an attack on a university with a large gay population, according to the documents.

In the court documents an undercover agent details Ciccolo's plan that he laid out over the course of the ten month sting operation: 

During that time, Ciccolo was in constant email contact with the undercover agent, who posed as an ISIS operative to draw out his dark plans for mass murder.

The court documents also described Ciccolo’s detailed plans to build a bomb using a pressure cooker.

In his own casually disturbing words, Ciccolo allegedly said: “You take a pressure cooker … fill it up with black powder … and ball bearings, nails, glass, rocks … you know.”

But he also indicated he wanted quality firepower. “Really need the guns. You get the rifles, I’ll get the powder,” he allegedly said.

Ciccolo vowed to become a martyr for his twisted mission, writing, “We win or we die!”

Andrew Ciccolo was arrested on July 4 without a fight. 


The Ciccolo family released a statement saying they are "saddened and disappointed to learn of our son's intentions, [but] grateful that authorities were able to prevent any loss of life or harm to others."


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Calling in the FBI on his son wasn't a heroic act, it was a humane act, saving dozens of people including his son.

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