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Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade Rescinds Invitation To Gay Group

Invitation rescinded.

Officials for Boston's St. Patrick's Day Parade have taken back their invitation to allow MassEquality, a Massachusetts LGBT advocacy group, to march in the March 16 St. Patrick's Day Parade. 

The invitation had originally come with the controversial order that MassEquality make no reference to actually being gay via their rhetoric, t-shirts, or signs, etc. 

According to WCVB:

John Wacko Hurly, the longtime force behind the parade, said organizers met at a South Boston church Tuesday night and agreed "if MassEquality can't play by parade rules, they're no longer invited."

Parade organizers had extended the group a marching spot, but members were not allowed to hold signs or shirts that identified them as gay.

"LGBT people have always been able to be veterans or firefighters, but what we have't been able to do is march as LGBT people," Executive Director of MassEquality Kara Coredini said.

MassEquality rejected the restriction, re-applied to march and parade organizers rejected the request and cut off negotiations.

With this new development, it looks like Mayor Martin Walsh will be sticking with his original plans to boycott the parade.

"If they're not in the parade, I probably won't march," Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said. 

"The mayor represents all the people of the city of Boston," Walsh said. "I think it's important to send a message across the city."

Still he's keeping the faith, saying:

"You know, I'd really like to march in the parade a week from Sunday," Walsh said. "I'm hopeful and I'll hold out hope until the very end."

While we can appreciate the sentiment, on Tuesday night it was announced that "the deal is dead."

What's your reaction, Instincters?



Ashamed of Boston. Ashamed of their St. Patty's Day Parade. Ashamed that a city that was bombed by terriorists and human beings mamed and killed - should find discrimination and homophobia in their New England hearts. Shame!!

I remember marching in this same parade in the early 1970's in a drum and bugle corps and this was during the time of the force bussing in Boston. We had a few black members in our group, one being my friend Vicky who carried our American Flag and I remember our director of the corps being warned that Vicky should stay home that day. Well she marched proudly carrying that American Flag even know we had eggs and beer cans thrown at us but we could hold our own as we were tough kids ourselves. How very sad that in over 30 years we still have this hate.

Wow.. let the suffered suffer unto others... where the fuck is that in the bible? The Irish were once the chosen.discriminated against....funny how people with a bad stereo type get to discriminate others with a bad stereo type. I disclaim my Irishness!! How about the Irish don't get to wear green!! And here I thought rainbows were an Irish symbol anyway... Shame shame on you....

Fuck South Boston Church and the rest of the other Churches. I will still drink Guinness though.

Mike needs an enema to clean out his assholeness. The blockage he is experiencing is affecting his ability to be a decent human being.

Perhaps MassEquality, the mayor, and all other LGBT supporters, could gather in one specific location (like next to the Parade announcer station), with rainbow signs, equality signs, rainbow flags, etc, thereby making it clear; that we are not invisible, and that we matter, just as much as any other individual.

yes, I agree just like some churches gather near gay pride parades to protest their parade

OK, refresh my memory again? Why in the world would we want to march with a bunch of leprechauns?

Because even some of these leprechauns, as you put it, are gay.

The mayor is serving as a wonderful example-- he is recognizing that he serves and represents ALL of his constituents as well as his city itself.  I think it's to be commended.  More should take a stand and say, "No.  No one is second-class simply because a person loves in a manner haters cannot wrap their narrow minds around.  Love and commitment between consenting adults is never wrong."

As for the gay bullies poster with the "intolerant" remark, I recommend that you look up the definition of the word before you chant it with other feeble-minded snakes who cannot think for themselves.  You, and others, will find that there will be NO NEED for people to shout out for justice on equality and other LGBTQI matters once you realize that YOU and YOURS are the ones making it a huge deal, making people fight YOUR intolerance.

They should just join at the end of the Parade, they can still do it without anyones approval.

This is just sad, our country is just so ass backwards it sickens me.  Makes me really wish I could move to Europe and never come back.  Living here has been so peaceful, going back to the states is just like having to go back to fucking war.  

Mike your Mayor is correct that he represents all the people of his riding. Well You must have fear of being outed that you call Gay's Bullies. Are you being a BULLY say what you do.. The first step to people getting along is acceptance. NO one says you have to be gay or are just. It is like saying I don't like someone because they have blue eyes.

David Pain in the ass maybe you are doing it wrong for it to be a pain in the ass.  Some of use that are true Irishmen are not drunks. I don't drink.


There was a time, Mike, when the Irish couldn't get a job, a place to live or even a MEAL, in some parts of America, even and especially in Boston. You're calling intolerance and bullying? Considering the history of the Irish in America, I think the St Patrick's Day Parade organizers are being pretty fucking high-handed about the LGBTQ community. If *I* were mayor, I wouldn't give them any support at all - "Here are your permits, you're on your own..."

Really Mike the members of LGBT community are being intolerant bullies? Has anybody beat you within an inch of your life or to death for being who you were born to be? Have you been denied basic human rights for no other reason than who you fall in love with based solely on what a history book says ( one that has been edited extensively by men. I might add). And how is the Mayor being a bully? He believes that the LGBT community is as much a part of the Boston community as everyone else (they did vote for him didn't they?) Mayor Walsh didn't cancel the St. Patrick's day parade (it will still go on) he simply refused to march in it because he doesn't agree with them being left out. Which is essentially what America is all about. He hasn't forced anyone to approve of the LGBT community. My question to you is How the fuck are they being intolerant bullies? The LGBT community simply want to marry who they love, they are not trying to force churches who don't agree with them to marry them (which will never happen as it violates freedom of religion and the separation of church and state) and have the same benefits the government gives Heterosexual couples. Maybe you should look up the term intolerant and bully.

Mike ur an idiot. How is the mayor being intolerant if hebis sticking up for the LGBTQ and saying he wont march til ALL R TREATED EQUALLY. I think u need a lesson on what intolerant means. And as for gays being bullies. Again,u need a lesson in what the definition is. Every organization can proclaim what it is they r marching for EXCEPT the LGBTQ???? How is that fair. And frankly if these r ur true opinions,y r u reading posts and articles in a GAY MAGAZINE U FUCKING CLOSET CASE MO.

They've always been a pain. Bigots. All they do is get drunk. Wait is that a stereotype?

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