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Boxing Gets Steamy In 'The Weigh In'

American sports have been coming out of the closet since early 2013, but boxing was one of the first sports to boast professional openly gay athletes. The Perez Bros. celebrate that fact in their new short, The Weigh In. The sports-themed message of inclusion and love couldn't come at a better time, as Sochi's games continue and the NFL grapples with it's possible first openly gay player. 

"The Weigh In" (Dir. by the Perez Bros) from The Perez Bros on Vimeo.


That video doesn't help at all, it just makes things worst right now.

Better watch mayweather vs maidana fight than a video like this.

well i must say this gay seen is out of this world i love it 

ha! i´ve had this fantasy before, lovin´it

thats actually not going to help gay people come out in sports.

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