Boy Offers Compelling Reason Why Australia Needs Marriage Equality

Photo: Twitter

Max Townes is not yet 13-years-old, and yet he's already looking forward to his wedding.

But first, he's going to need Australia to pull through for marriage equality.

You see, Max, like many of us, has dreams of one day marrying Chris Hemsworth.

We know this, because his mother, Megan, tweeted out a photo of young Max holding a sign at Sydney's march for marriage equality, last weekend.

Max told Gay Star News a bit more about his celebrity crush:

"I like Chris Hemsworth because he’s got a great jawline… and Thor!"

He added:

"I know that I’m not actually going to marry Chris Hemsworth. It was a fun sign to draw attention to a serious matter."

Such a sweet young man!

H/T: Gay Star News




Continue to chase your dreams, Max. Become that person you were put on this Earth to be.

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