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Boy Scouts Deliver Pizza To Gay Couples Waiting To Marry In Utah

If you weren't shocked enough by the sudden legal same-sex marriages in Utah, we're pretty sure these photos of Salt Lake City, Utah Boy Scouts delivering pizza to county clerks and gay couples waiting in line to get married will put you over the top!

Have we entered some sort of bizarro, twilight zone?! What's next? Tony Perkins conducting same-sex wedding ceremonies?

Here's another pic:

Many county clerks skipped their lunch breaks in order to keep issuing marriage licenses to the gay couples lined up around the block. 

It's great to see these Boy Scouts stepping up in support and service to all member of their community.


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Now this is what a boy scout should be doing.  Doing something nice in the time of need of a human being.  So sweet.  to see this.  

An incredibly beautiful gesture.  The Mormon Church could learn a valuable lesson from this.


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