Boy Scouts' National Commissioner: Gays Are NOT Pedophiles

In a small but meaningful olive branch from the Boy Scouts of America to the LGBT community, National Commissioner Tico Perez explains that the BSA no longer fears that adult men are pedophiles. 

But the BSA still won't allow openly-gay adults to be a part of the organization. 

Indefinitely Wild's Wes Siler asked if the BSA's ban on gay adults is due to the fact that they think homosexuality = pedophilia, Tico responded "no." 

"Let me be as clear as I can be on that topic: No, no and no," Perez said. "This has never been an issue of predators or pedophilia. We have studied every piece of data and every piece of information that the rest of the world has and there is no relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia. That is not the issue."

When asked if the BSA is prepared to welcome gay adults into its ranks, Perez pivoted back to the kids. 

"We have a very big and diverse country and we are focused on serving young people and giving young people access to Scouting. We had a huge national dialogue on the issue that was public and where the national board came down — a voting membership, we talked to over two million people in this process and had over 1,500 voters — we decided to allow our young people to have access to the movement and to not address the adult issue yet."

This current gap that sees the BSA only half accepting of the LGBT and still half homophobic has caused its popularity to plummet. By hedging its bets on the side of discrimination, both the gay community and the anti-gay activists remain outspokenly critical of the BSA, and will continue to until they realize that adults are an integral part of the organization, too. 



Being in the gay community as I am I assure you that most of the gay scout leaders are in fact pedophiles, as each of the 3 ex scout leaders that I have known that are gay are in fact pedophiles. This one I grew up with named Chris G. he was fired for being gay and I was so relieved, as he is a known pedophile who lusts after underage boys as young as 12, with stack of boy porn on his night table and such. They go into this field with the direct intention of having sex with the boy scouts they "mentor".

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