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Boy Scouts Revoke Church's Scout Charter Over Refusal To Fire Gay Scoutmaster

A Seattle Methodist church is standing firmly behind gay Scoutmaster Geoffrey McGrath, who has refused to resign from his post as Scoutmaster despite the Boy Scouts of America revoking the charter of Scout Troop 98 and Pack 98 for their refusal to remove the gay Scout leader. The BSA previously revoked McGrath's status as a Scoutmaster. 

From Scouts For Equality:

The controversy surrounding Troop 98 emerged in March, when an NBC News report on the inclusive troop prompted the BSA to question the sexual orientation of Scoutmaster Geoffrey McGrath. McGrath, abiding by the Scout’s commitment to trustworthiness, acknowledged his sexual orientation to the BSA, which in turn, responded by revoking McGrath’s status as Scoutmaster.

Since then, support for McGrath has been overwhelmingly positive. The entire Seattle City Council, as well as more than 20 Washington State legislators, have expressed their support for Rainier Beach United Methodist Church’s right to determine its own leadership for McGrath’s ability to remain a Scoutmaster. Most important, RBUMC Rev. Dr. Monica Corsaro has stood by McGrath and has refused to remove him from his post. BSA is taking this action in direct contradiction to the inclusive religious beliefs and wishes of Rainer Beach Methodist Church.

“Based on our religious principles, we will continue to act as an autonomous church that does not discriminate,” said Rev. Corsaro. “We will continue to have our Troop meetings here, every Thursday night, with business as usual.”

Awesome to see the church showing their allegiance to McGrath through action and not bending to the dangerous discriminatory policies of the Boy Scouts of America. 

As explained by Zach Wahls: 

“The Boy Scouts’ decisions only serve to hurt a group of boys who need the values and leadership of someone like Scoutmaster McGrath,” said Zach Wahls, Executive Director of Scouts for Equality, a national organization dedicated to ending the BSA’s ban on gay members and leaders. “Unfortunately, the BSA’s decision calls into question its commitment to leadership and values by perpetuating an outmoded policy rooted in fear and discrimination. History will show that today’s announcement is a self-inflicted wound.”

What's your reaction, Instincters?


This is right of BSA. BSA stands by its religious beliefs. Guess what they can do that. Its 100% legal. YOU CHOOSE TO JOIN! nobody is forcing you. BSA wants no part of gays. I would say gay/lesbian but its BOYscouts. All of you commenting never did Boyscouts I assume. There is way to much going on that would not work with openly gays. There is to many issues. I would not let my son sleep in a tent with a gay boy. I am sorry. Its wrong. Its like having a teenage kid sleep in a tent with a teenage girl. I am proud of BSA to stand by their beliefs. Guess what they don't have to let gays in. The reason why they are almost being forced is media attention from the outside. Internally in BSA it is more partial in not allowing gays in, compared to the general public. It is sad that religion came in and a church. If this church opened their bibles they would find homosexuality as an inappropriate lifestyle. Therefore should no Condon it!  

Ok, cool.  Find me one viable reference in a King James Bible (or New American Version for that matter) which makes it clear that Jesus himself said that homosexuality is a sin and an inappropriate lifestyle.  Last I checked, we were supposed to love one another as we have been loved (I am not talking sexually, I am talking on an emotional level equal to that of friendship or familial love)

Gay scouts were recently allowed to join the BSA, in case you have had your head under a rock, which, based on your above comment, you do.  If you don't want your child sleeping in the same tent as a gay kid, have him go into another tent, or, join a troop which still bigots people based on factors beyond their control.  How about we just fill the BSA with cisgender Caucasian Christians for you, if that will make you feel better.

Finally, I had a very difficult time reading the above comment, primarily as you seem to have the grammar of either

  • a thirteen year old girl texting her friends,
  • a second grader writing a report on Jupiter,
  • or an illiterate adult who doesn't know how to proofread

I am an active Boy Scout who supports equality for all, if you have a problem with this, that is tough.  The BSA, in the long run, will come to catch up to the times, like most organizations have done already.  I am in full understanding that the BSA is a privately held organization, but, people will start to drop right and left as their friends and family are kicked out of leadership roles simply because of who they find attractive, and, I believe that when this happens, the BSA will be forced to either change or perish.

"Gay boys" are already allowed in, gay troop leaders are not. So, you know... Get over it.

please speak for yourself. Do not speak on behalf of BSA and other members. And there are women in Scouting. Boys need strong ADULT leadership from caring and concerned folks. And just what does not work with "openly gay" individuals?? I assume you are "straight", does this mean you cannot be trusted around females of any kind? Do you lack the ability to resist pouncing on any human with a uterus? (that seems to be what you are implying about homosexual men, that somehow they cannot be around males without becoming lecherous). I am saddened by your narrow view.  Of course a church is involved, many troops and packs are chartered by churches.  and BTW, I am from a Scout family. GENERATIONS.  The program is about parents and sons. It is about raising good citizens, compassionate men, and caring contributors to our society.

and as a side note, it doesn't really appear to be a matter of 'letting them in'. He had been there, and they  only found out when they directly asked him and he honestly answered. It isn't something contagious, his Scouts aren't going to 'catch it'.

In which case, that organization ought to be renamed as the BIGOTS Society of can be a leader...

Applause in this case for the church, as they are standing behind this estranged scoutmaster, saying they're against discrimination in all it's forms. It's the BSA that should be ashamed of themselves, and this from a "club" that fancies itself the shaper of future generations.. YOU ARE TEACHING HATE, BSA.. you're saying that he's not ok because he's different. He's gay, not a pederast. And being gay is not really a serious issue, it's not a learned behavior, it's a personal choice that people make to feel comfortable in their own skin, in their lives. It's no one else's business but theirs and their partners.

if it is no business but theirs and their partners...why make it public that they are gay? Do I need to make a press conference to come out saying im straight? 

Because the BSA asked.

Read the story!

Buddy did you take out a news paper add telling the world that you were a frightened bigoted jerk.Why don't you move forward in time and join the rest of us. It wasn't until this century that being homosexual became a crime a lot of great leaders from our past were gay and quite a few now. I think that if the mans church is backing him up that pretty much says it all.

would not say it is about religion as much as it is about the boy scouts being foolish. the church was ok with the leader. the scouts are discriminating against him because of his sexual preference. that is sad and if that is what they are teaching the kids then need to just shut down the whole thing If they want to be a hate group.. then label them as such

it is a SHAME that they are using religion to cover for their hate. they should be ashamed, but they wont be becasue they have so many other "good" christians saying they are right.. They are no better than the westboro people with their hate 

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